Why I Want The Kings To Stay In Sacramento

Kings Fans, I would appreciate it if you took the time to hear me out on three issues

1) My passion for the Kings

2) The love of my life

3) My level of dedication

Why I want the Kings to stay in Sacramento.

First and foremost I would like to say that originally, it was my oldest brother Danny who got me addicted to the NBA and the Kings growing up so thank you for that Danny. (Danny will probably read this as he is also a reader of this website -screenname- LarryAbsolut). I vaguely remember Mitch Richmond as a child so my passion for the kings comes (like many others) during the arrival of Jason Williams (favorite player of all time). I can still remember him on a fast break and stopping at the three point line and just draining it and me saying to myself (what a dumb shot!!! but I love it!!! ps I’m sure he didn’t always drain it but hey those are the ones I remember haha) I remember all the between the leg and behind the back passes like it was yesterday. Whenever I played basketball with my friends they would call me little J-Will,-partly because I was such a fan- but also because I would attempt to do all the crazy moves and passes Williams would do (Often my passes would end up out of bounce or over the fence but that’s beside the point). Of course you can’t bring up J-Will without the rest of the squad Webber/Divac/Peja/Hedo/Bobby/Miller/Christie and Bibby etc (yes as a J-Will fan it’s hard to admit but we were better with Bibby then with J-Will). The way they played together was like poetry in motion, they knew what they’re teammates were going to do before they did it. The whole city was absolutely crazy about the Kings, everything from the players to Geoff Petrie to the Maloofs. As you guys already know,. It was fun, It was like a perfect little story for a small market team. Arco Arena was sold out constantly and rockin’ all the time from a sea of fans covered in purple to noise bouncing off the walls from the screaming and the cowbells.

The truth is that I have a Kings problem and I can’t help it. Every time I look at my phone -due to my Kings phone wallpaper- I think of the Kings. Every time I go in my room -due to the kings posters and memorabilia in my room- I think "Kings". Every time the Kings play people know not to bother me. Every time I come to work I look on STR to catch the latest news. Just the other day when the Kings played Minnesota (11/27/12) I was there at the game with a friend of mine. He (who’s a Celtics fan) asked me (in a mocking manner) how I like everything in purple. I told him that the truth is that I’ve become accustomed to it. I love it now. Whenever I see anything purple my brain automatically thinks ‘Kings’. I can’t help it. It’s imbedded in my DNA. Whenever I’m driving home from school or work on I-5 and I see a huge empty lot in between Richards Blvd and downtown I think to myself "Dang it would look reeeaal nice if there was an arena right there!) Whenever my uncle jokes to me about watching the kings and asks "man you STILL watch them?" I say "YES, they’re getting better!! I KNOW IT!!" (I’ve said that for a few years now- not sure if I’m trying to convince him or myself).

See to me now the Kings are like that one girl your absolutely crazy about and you’ve had a crush on for so long but just can’t seem to get anywhere with [their continuing losing seasons]. It’s been tough but you hang on EVERY little thing she gives you (like wins over the Lakers). You live with hope that things will just one day just begin to ‘click’ and it will all start working out [aka start winning]. And no matter how dirty she does you [with Kings frequent horrible games/trades/etc.] or how dirty her parents treat you [the Maloofs]. It doesn’t matter. Not one bit. She’s got you rapped around her little finger and you can’t do a darn thing about it (except perhaps grin and nod your head in agreement/acceptance.. [I can see you kings fans!]). After all these years of giving her your heart and soul and now what? She’s [and her parents] threatening to leave town and I keep thinking to myself; "no way, it’s not real, she’s just teasing, it can’t happen. It won’t happen. What would I do without her? We never got to have our happy ending [a championship] !!! My friends, help me. Please. I don’t want to have my heart broken.

I want to be able to take my new born niece Olivia (see below) to Kings games. Shoot, I want to one day have kids and take them to see the Kings games. I want them to know we fought for this team and they represent something much bigger than just basketball. I know some people would say I’m crazy for being so passionate about a professional sports team even after all the losing/drama and they would be right; I am crazy about the Kings but as Mark Twain says "Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination". So I’m going to stay crazy and admit that:…

I’m ready to continue fighting to keep the Kings in Sacramento

I’m ready to [again] pledge money for a new arena

I’m ready to start standing on street corners with signs that say "honk if you want the kings to stay"

I’m ready to help contribute to a bill board that says "Gavin, ill mow your lawn if you stay" (Like Gavin did for Webber)




I’m ready to help the #HereWeStayNBA Video Project ( I’m ready to become active on Social Media and share/like/tweet/re-tweet Sacramento King movements like #herewestaynba I’m ready to pick up a hammer and shovel and start help making a new arena Whatever we can do, I’m ready to help Thanks for reading ,below I have posted just a few pictures and videos so you all may get a glimpse of my life as a kings fan.

my niece Olivia Jade Perez days after birth already being bred as a kings fan…


Below,again my niece, Olivia posing for her part in the #herewestaynba project


My cousin Mikey and I the Kings vs Oklahoma City Thunder last year...


Me at the kings Lakers game at the end of the 2012 year..


Couple Videos I have made of a couple of my favorite Kings..

Jason Williams (brand new creation!)

Jason Williams - Gods Gift (Good Quality) (via Rafael Garcia)

Isaiah Thomas

2012 Isaiah Thomas- Man on the Moon (via Rafael Garcia)

Thanks for taking the time to hear me out


Go Kings

Rafael Garcia (SN- YaBoyRafa)

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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