A Fan's Dilema

*Warning: post Suns loss tirade*

As Kings fans we always want what is best for the Kings. That being said, there always comes a time when we hope for the unthinkable... for our team to lose. Normally this notion comes to a lot of us around March Madness when we see the possible future in the draft lottery, my self included as of late. Some of us hold out hope to the bitter end. The routine has carried on for far too many season. My question now, in this 2012 season, is it too early to root for failure?

Before you come to the defense of our beloved team, take into consideration the dynamics at this season. Not one of us is satisfied with the GM, the coach, the lineups, the rotations, the plays, and most of all the owners. What is there to root for other than our love and pride in the idea of the Sacramento Kings? No one can argue that something has to change. We can debate to the high heavens what that change may be, but it has to be something. What I am angling towards is cataclysmic change.


Blow it up. No player is unanimously agreed upon to be untouchable by us rabid StR's. Frankly, none of the players deserves to be untouchable. The team is a perfect model of disfunction. Talent is there to be sure, but dynamics and intelligence leave many things to be desired.


To be fair, Smart has been dealt a cruel hand, but one should make the best of what he's got. Smart has done no such thing. The rotations are abysmal, the set plays are befuddled, and accountability is for not. I don't have an alternative, but something...anything...everything has to change from the coaching standpoint. Shot clock violations and 5 second calls in crunch time are as much a coaching issue as a player issue.


Petrie is still golden in some of our eyes. Hell, the guy was GM of the year multiple times. However, that was nearly a dozen years ago. the shiny polish of his reputation now has tarnished patina. Blame the Maloofs all you want, the man is President of Basketball Operations. A GM on any other team would have been unceremoniously dismissed by this point.


(left intentionally blank. Nothing needs to be said that hasn't already been said)

My point in all this is, is that I am now, before Christmas, wishing for the unthinkable. I now want the full implosion of the Sacramento Kings. I love this team. Love them to the point where I now see that complete failure might be their only salvation. Many of us think that they have already it rock bottom. This may not be the case.

I want player bickering, angry inept coaches, absent minded GMs, and silent ownership. Trade away beloved players, fire yet another coach, replace a GM with someone cheaper and less experienced, and let the Maloofs wallow in their shit of a team. This will only bring about the cataclysmic kick in the ass the this team, the city of Sacramento, and us fans need. Most of all let Stern, the League, the Fans see the utter cluster fuck the team is. This will result in one of two extremes: The departure of our team from Sacramento or the complete revitalization of a team in crisis. I't's time to double down. The Kings have been running in place yet still sliding down hill for fall too long. Either roll down with gravity or blow up the fucking hill. Blue screen of death. Reboot.

Thomas Jefferson said, "A little rebellion now and then is a good thing." Rebellions are messy, costly and most of all ugly. It is what the Sacramento Kings need now. I want them to lose their next game because I love them that much.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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