The revival of the pick and roll, and other christmas wishes

As I sit in my cheap officemax faux-executive chair, I find myself in the same odd melancholy that the christmas season brings, ever since i learned Santa wasn't real and I started sprouting facial hairs that would make Spencer Hawes' face look akin to Brad Pitt in "Killing Them Softly". That was a weird couple of months. But I digress, for this holiday season I have compiled a wishlist for the Kings, a wishlist I now value more than the game-boy color, nintendo 64 wishes of my childhood. I dont have the writing skill of an Aykis or a Ziller, but I hope you guys can appreciate it. Bear with my editing because it frankly sucks.

1. Insert Isaiah Thomas into the lineup as starting point guard. The only rational motive I can think to bringing him off of the bench is because he brings a distributor's mentality to the second unit; however his minutes and numbers have been sporadic, averaging 2 assists to 1.7 TO's to Aaron Brook's 2.6 to 1.5 ratio. Isaiah clearly showed his dedication and leadership last season, showing up for one, if not a few council meetings concerning the arena deal, and earning his starting spot by the end of the year not by pedigree but by production on and off the court. Aaron brooks is quick, but he seems to be oddly more efficient in the half court, which is what the second unit needs.

2. REVIVE THE PICK AND ROLL. Towards the end of the year the Kings were more efficient offensively for two glaring reasons. The first is wish number three, and the second is the pick and roll. From what I could see the Kings used the pick and roll a lot more last year, particularly the duo of IT and Demarcus. A post by Aykis16 of february of this year (last season) highlighted that IT was at the time the third best pick and roll ball handler in the entire league, and among the top 20 guards to defend the PR. Using the pick and roll almost obsessively(as evidenced by the Knicks recent success)would without a doubt improve the kings. our roster is filled with ballhandlers, and big men who arent really advanced enough to create for themselves. demarcus has turned into a pick-pop, high post faceup player, which has brought down his efficiency across the board. The pick and roll should be his bread , plain and simple. the pick and roll has risen in use over the years for a reason, as its simple design can open up more doors then a scooby doo episode.

3. Pick up the pace. As long as Geoff Petrie is GM and the Magoofs are at the helm, this team will be an offensive team, filled with offensive minded players. a defensive identity shouldnt even be whispered while players like Chuck Hayes and James Johnson are coming off the bench because of their offensive shortcomings. Defense may win championships, but offense won us something last year. almost all of our starters are viewed as "quick/athletic" for their position. you will be hard pressed to find a more deceptively quick/strong frontcourt trio then Cousins/Thompson/Robinson. Couple that with the fact that all of the backcourt starters can run the ball up the floor well, and voila, easy baskets.

4. Tyreke Evan's jumpshot needs to take the Evan Turner route. Ball Dont Lie posted an article about a two weeks ago highlighting Turner's recent improvement in his jump shot. when asked about it he said that he simply didn't worry/practice on it (to paraphrase). When literally thousands of people are telling you to work on your jumpshot, of course you're going to lose confidence in it. Reggie Miller's shooting form was not picture perfect by any means, but you'd better believe that the motion was the same every time and that he'd be ready to take the shot without hesitation and fear. Inviting a laundry list of "shot doctors" to tinker with his shot will only work if you have someone like Gregg Popovich riding your jersey.

5. As much as Demarcus Cousins has been flagged by many as "this guy is a monster baby, a monster and baby" he needs to be recognized for his offseason work,etc. We've seen Demarcus Cousins come into the league as a beast in the post that was a little heavy in the midsection, and he's been noticeably leaner every progressive season since his inauguration. I also made sure to add an etc in my wish, and the et cetera is Fun. Firstly, he is continuing the pouty-faced trend that plagues the lovable big men we've had the pleasure to have on our team. thats a shout out to you, Chris Webber and Brad Miller. Secondly, if he isnt getting technicals for screaming in a guys face after a poster dunk, blocking shots after a dead ball, dribbling basketballs through guards leg's half his size, hes getting suspended for essentially telling the sean elliott/ skip bayless pundits what we all want to tell them, or knocking knuckle against nut in a blowout loss. Even as a king's fan you have to admit that stuff is hilarious. It's because of that I'd take Demarcus over Blake Griffin any day.

6. Chucky needs a Shake-Weight. As much as I love this guy and want him to stay on the team, the McRib has been too tantalizing for him. With the current starting personnel i doubt chuck has the gas in him to keep up from 30 ish minutes a night, and if he can get in better shape we'll be seeing a lot more "where did he come from with that layup? and "Paul Pierce? Game-winner? I got this one" moments.

7. No more teeth, please. two fragmented teeth, two different kings players. Any more and we'll look like the Flyers. But at least we got to see Jason Thompson close his mouth, and that is definitely a first.

anyways, I'm out of wind for today. I might make another wishlist if you guys enjoy, have a wonderful Christmas!









(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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