Petrie, Smart's smarts...King's art

Unlike Aileen and a fair share of the Kings' community, I believe Geoff Petrie is too good for this crummy job. Two situations crystallize it for me, one with ownership and one with coaches.

Last year with a 2nd round pick Petrie got Isiah Thomas. This year his second pick was sold out from under him for miniscule financial considerations. Despite the Kings' needs, and qualified players to fill them, there was no free agent pursuit. Working for the Magoofs makes the job nearly impossible to do, much less do correctly and well.

When hiring coaches Petrie has a doubly Magoofed dilemma. First, they are too broke to pay for established talent. Second, they aren't wise enough to know what they don't know, and thus their input derails the process. See Mussleman/Theus/Westphal. I wish it weren't so, but I am losing what faith I had in the Smart hiring.

That's hard to say...I like the man's work ethic and character a lot. However, like Westphal, his rotations seem to be a mystic event, divined from the air. There's no consistency in starters, the order of subs, the position they play or the minutes they get.

The guard situation says it well. We have Tyreke, Jimmer, IT, Thornton and Brooks. By playing Thornton and Brooks, two weaknesses are fed. First, especially with Thornton, ball movement stops. Next, the Kings have a young team establishing an identity and a future. The future rests with IT and Jimmer. Give them a legitimate chance to succeed. No offense to the hard playing Brooks or the lionhearted Thornton....circumstances dictate youth and a fresh approach.

When it comes to the guard spot, I also don't like Smart's approach to players and position. IT is a natural point guard and a spark plug off the bench. His 11 4th quarter points against Orlando was no fluke...all last year IT rose in the 4th quarter. He is an excellent back up for Tyreke.

Jimmer surprised this year. Lat year he seemed completely overwhelmed by the size and strength of the N.B.A. This year he is progressing and displaying a rigorous attitude with flourishing skills. He'll never ever be an N.B.A. point guard; the fact that Coach Smart thinks he can worries me. Jimmer should be getting Thornton's minutes at shooting guard.

How nice it is to have Cousins, Thompson, Hayes and Robinson up front. Evans, Fredette, Thomas, and an occasional Garcia, when a tall guard is needed, would give the Kings a tight, defined and eventually competent rotation.

Hopefully Coach Smart moves to a more structured subbing pattern, giving the players Petrie has drafted the opportunity to blend, grow and start winning more than losing.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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