Sacramento Kings & National TV Audience

What a game last night. I really wish I could've been there to witness the game and the energy of that crowd. Just by watching the game on TV it was exactly what I expected to see. The reason I'm writing this FanPost is because I'm a little irritated by what I was hearing by not only the announcers during the game (excluding C-Web) but mostly from the cast of the post game show.

Let's get this straight. The Sacramento Kings won last night against the OKC Thunder which still have the best record in the NBA after the loss. The Kings have been known for the past couple of years as a losing team and I'm pretty sure that we all agree with that. But last night the Kings and their fans came out and represented. Myself as a Kings fan watched the whole game on TNT and was wearing all black on my couch. I was happy with the outcome of the game until the post game show started.

The crew of the post game show talked about the Kings - Thunder game first but what happens? The Kings win and get no credit for the win.

Here's what Shaq had to say: "The question that I would like to ask were they fired up because they were playing a younger better team or were they fired up because they were on TV? Another question I would like to ask can they continue to play like that?

Here's what Kenny had to say: "My answers professor are no, no and no. I just think that this was an opportunity on National television....."

Here's what Charles had to say: "Every player know when they playing on National get pumped for that"

Did I mention that the whole Kings - Thunder segment only last about 3-4 minutes and then after that they focused almost double that on the Lakers? I understand that it's the Lakers but there were 2 games on TNT last night and they should focus on both of them equally.

Seriously? The Kings win and this is all they had to say? If the Thunder would've won it would've been completely different. They would have given the Thunder high praise for winning and keeping a 3 game winning streak. But since it's the Kings, we get crapped on for taking down the best team record wise in the league. We don't get National TV appearances like the big markets or hot teams do and that is what I hate most about the NBA. Every team should have their shine more than once in a NBA season. Shaq, Kenny and Charles are speaking blindly when it comes to the Kings. I bet they don't even watch a Kings game unless it has some kind of elite team involved against them. All their talk comes from the papers in front of them with the only information of stats and standings.

I know the Kings are not a good team, yet. They want to be a good team and possibly a playoff team and that has been showing these past couple of weeks. The Kings that have gone 4 of 5 (including last night) and have been playing a lot better as of late. I truly believe that they are finding themselves with Coach Smart. Smart is bringing these players together and it's showing on the court.

Sorry for this all over the place post but I've been irritated since last night and just needed to vent to my fellow Sacramento Kings fans. Anybody feel the same? Would love to hear your thoughts.


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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