Just rewatched the game on TNT after being there....

The big momentum changers IMO for the Kings were 7:37 in the third salmons steals the ball from Durant runs down to the Thompson dunk, Kings followed it up with a Cousins charge@7:25. Biggest momentum changer of the game was 3:48 in the fourth, Cousins gets the charge called on Westbrook and then it's pretty much ALLLLLL Kings.... The last 40 seconds however, is ALL Sacramento, not the Kings... Actually Sacramento, the fan base that Sacramento has in them that use to be there when they were shitty... The fan base that has 11 consecutive years of sell outs, it all came through on TNT. There wasn't a single announcer/commentator on that broadcast that said it would not be anything short but a "travesty" if Sacramento lost their team, ALL of them said it was because of the fan loyalty. ..

That being said, I remember back in the early 90's when we were complacent and happy with 30 win seasons, we as Sacramentians were just stoked that there was a professional sports team in our city. I still have no idea why that desire has stopped... WTF else is there in Sacramento? The Rivercats(AAA ball!)? The town has nothing. They lost the Sacramento Knights/Monarchs(the only other professional sports team in Sacramento). We were spoiled with the 2000+ Kings, we got greedy. The true fans were still there that could afford it stuck around, however, it ended up being overwhelmed by the fair weather fans, which at the end of the day was great and we all still enjoyed it....

The problem was, the quality product did not stick around, in fact just 3 year later, Webber's knee gave out. It hurt then, but it ended up being the decline of the franchise, Shortly after the product was doing nothing but declining the ticket prices were not. The original fans who were stoked for 30 win season in the early 90's, could no longer afford the games... The fair weather fans... no longer wanted to spend the money on the team... Shortly after that we were left with which was once considered the best GM in the league allowed to do whatever he wanted, was depending on draft picks and trades that don't net a higher overall team salary...

It's hard to sit here as a Kings fan to demand you to cheer for this team because of all that has happened in the last 4+ years, but ownership is temporary, gm's are temporary, players are temporary, however having a team in your town is a blessing. It has brought on some of the greatest memories in your lifetime, your childs life time and possibly your grandkids life time. Trust me, these memories are priceless...

I am a Sacramento Kings product. I was born basically the year they moved here, so I would never know about the Johnson/Theus/Woodson/Thompson era. No I know the Richmond, Williams, Webb, Causwell and company era... I remember turning to my father one day in the Mc Donalds drive-thru and asking him, "Do you think we can win 30 games this year?", the response, "maybe! It looks like we have a chance!" I was stoked!!! of his response.... We didn't win 30 games that year, I think we finished with 28...

Back then the thought of a championship never crossed my mind. It wasn't about that... It was more than just basketball. Basketball was the catalyst, but the product our family was buying was the companionship that nothing but sports could bring in. What did I hope for growing up? Moments like this....

My greatest moments as a child...?
Favorite number has always been 2. My free-throw stroke will always and always has been his exact rhythm at the line

I'd never even imagine of highs like this...

or even the lows like this....

And yes, even moments like this...

As harsh as the image of Horry is to us, none of it happens without the Kings.

I'll admit, I'm selfish, I don't need to think about the 300+ other venues that could reside in the new entertainment and sports complex and the hundreds of millions of dollars those venues can contribute to the city. I'm admitting my selflessness and saying that it is the pricless memories the family and I have gone through with this team since they've moved to Sacramento that I am fighting for. There is nothing and will never be nothign in the Sacramento community that the hundreds of thousands of kids, just like me, who are growing up here now will experience, like I did as a kid, if we lose this team.


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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