This Week's Asinine Trade Thread, February 12-20

Since we are now officially about two months into the new season, and the last one was a gas, I thought it was a good time to bring back this baby for this week. Since next month is the deadline, I will start things off with a deal that is truly, truly asinine, and has about as much chance of happening as a sequel to "Gigli".

SAC Gets:

PF Josh Smith

SF Metta World Peace

ORL Gets:

C/PF Andrew Bynum

PF/C Jason Thompson

PG Andrew Goudelock

LAL Gets:

SF/SG John Salmons

C Dwight Howard

PG Kirk Hinrich

ATL Gets:

PF/C Pau Gasol

PF JJ Hickson

Conditional Sacramento pick

WHY: SAC does this trade for 2 reasons: 1, to get rid of that Salmons contract. 2., to get a fantastic PF that can project to be a starter for them for at least two more years to come. Metta and the pick are the cost of getting Smith, but isn't it worth it?

LAL does this trade for the obvious reasons- they get Howard, a true backup PG, and at least $8.1m in cap room to throw at a PF of their choosing (Humphries?) in the offseason. The painful part comes in them taking on that Salmons contract, but it's the Lakers- money ain't much of an issue. Losing Bynum AND Gasol hurts, but again, the cap room may be enough to entice them.Their starting 5 becomes: Howard/Murphy/Barnes/Fisher/Bryant, with Salmons and Hinrich as their new options on an improved bench.

ORL does this deal to get young talented pieces in Thompson and Bynum, with Goudelock becoming a nice affordable backup PG for them to move Duhon with Turkoglu or another piece later. There would likely need to be a pick included here as well, but seems like about what they could do, considering how much Howard claims he wants to dictate his destination.

ATL does this deal to get better depth now and an incredible piece to put alongside Collins or Horford once healthy. The pick is the ultimate sweetener here- that allows them to pick between 5-10 and get a true building block. Their starting five would become Horford/Gasol/Williams/Teague/Johnson, with Ivan Johnson, McGrady, Radmanovic, and Hickson on the bench.

So in the end, the Kings new starting five, pending another deal (my pick would be signing a long-time Petrie target, like Aaron Brooks or Leon Powe), would be:

C: Cousins

PF: Smith

SF: World Peace

PG: Evans

SG: Thornton


6: Brooks, PG or Powe, PF/C; Hayes, C/PF; Fredette, SG/PG; Thomas, PG; Greene, PF/SF; Garcia, SG/SF; Outlaw, SF; Honeycutt, SF; Whiteside, C

Annnnnd with that insane and never-gonna-happen deal, any other ideas and thoughts welcome.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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