The 2009 PG Draft Progress Report

The draft in 2009 was said to be a weak draft by most experts going into the draft, but a draft filled with PG’s. In fact 12 of the first 29 picks were PG’s, including the number 4 pick in the draft,Tyreke Evans. Now that they have all had time to settle into the league for 2 ½ years, I wanted to see the progress they have made and how they might be drafted now if was done all over again.

The 12 Pg’s that I mentioned are Tyreke Evans (4th), Ricky Rubio(5th), Jonny Flynn(6th), Steph Curry(7th), Brandon Jennings(10th), Jrue Holliday(17th), Ty Lawson(18th), Jeff Teague(19th), Eric Maynor(20th), Darren Collison(21st), Rodrigue Beabois(25th), Toney Douglas(29th). Wow, that is quite a talented group of players for what most experts said was going to be a weak draft. Not to mention that draft also produced Blake Griffin and James Harden.

So what makes a good PG? I’m not even going to try to get into that, because evryones opinion varies and their really is no one good answer. I believe that a good PG has to be tough, a leader, and make his teamates believe he has their best interest in mind and not his own. Of the list of Pg’s I’ve made, lets see who does what well in . I will put the top 5 of each statistic, along with Tyreke’s if he is not part of the top 5 because he’s the Kings roster so it makes sence. I will also not be including Flynn, because he is out of the NBA.

First we will take a look at the shooting numbers FG%, 3pt%

Career FG% 1. Lawson 50% 2. Curry 47% 3a. Collison 46% 3b. Beaubois 46% 5a. Teague 44% 5b. Holliday 44% 7. Reke 43%

2011/12 FG% 1. Curry 2a. Lawson 47% 2b. Teague 47% 4. Collison 44% 5a. Reke 41% 5b. Holliday 41% 5c. Beaubois


Career 3pt% 1. Curry 44% 2a. Lawson 38% 2b. Holliday 38% 4a. Collison 37% 4b. Teague 37% 11. Tyreke 27%

2011/12 3pt% 1. Curry 45% 2. Teague 44% 3. Holliday 39% 4. Collison 38% 5. Jennings 34% 11. Tyreke 24%

Well, if you want a point guard that can shoot the rook, look no further then Curry, Lawson, Teague, Holliday and Collison. They all shoot at an average or better clip.

Now for the distributor portion. We will look at ASST/TO rate.

Career ASST/TO 1: Maynor 3.1 2: Lawson 2.8 3: Rubio 2.6 4: Teague 2.4 5: Collison 2.3 10. Tyreke 1.8

2011/12 ASST/TO 1: Collison 2.7 2a: Lawson 2.6 2b: Rubio 2.6 4: Teague 2.5 5a: Jennings 2.4 5b: Maynor 2.4 10. Tyreke 1.8

Distributing wise, it’s pretty self explanitory since most of the guys are on both list. Collison, Rubio, and Maynor seem to be the biggest pass first PG’s

Now for the untangibles. We’ll look at REB, STL

Carrer REB 1. Tyreke 5.1 2. Rubio 4.2 3. Curry 4.1 4. Jennings 3.5 5. Holliday 3.3

2011/12 REB 1. Tyreke 5.1 2. Rubio 4.2 3. Curry 3.9 4a. Lawson 3.4 4b. Jennings 4c. Collison

Career STL: 1. Rubio 2.4 2. Curry 1.7 3. Tyreke 1.5 4. Jenings 1.4 5. Holliday 1.3

2011/12 STL 1. Rubio 2.4 2. Curry 1.8 3. Teague 1.7 4a. Jennings 1.6 4b. Holliday 1.6 6. Tyreke

If you want the intangibles like STL’s and REB’s out of your PG, then Rubio, Curry, and Reke seem to lead the way. I don’t have the stats to show who plays the best defense, but if I had to say the top 5 they would be the same people on the list for steels minus Curry, but adding Collison.

Now if the draft was done over again how would it be. In my opinion the draft would pretty much not change at all, with the exception of everyone moving up 1 slot because of Flynn. Of all the PG’s that were drafted, we could have drafted any of them, so who would you have drafted and why? Before the draft happened that year I really wanted Rubio, to be honest I had no idea who Tyreke was. Looking at it now, I would still have drafted Rubio 1st, and Tyreke or Curry 2nd ( I just can’t decide), with Holliday and Lawson coming in 5th and 6th respectivley. Who would you have drafted if you could go back to 2009 looking at how the career’s have played out so far?

****UPDATE***** Rubio is now off the board at #1....Now who would would be the next pick

1.Ricky Rubio

2. Tyreke Evans

3. Steph Curry

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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