NBA Trade Talk: Is There Any Value In Being A Cash Cow?

From the FanPosts with a few edits. -- TZ

There are five teams over the luxury tax that could benefit greatly by dumping salary onto the Kings.

Atlanta is $130,000 over the cap and could benefit by $4 million in tax payments if they got under. Memphis is $1.13 million over the threshold, and like the other teams could save double the tax plus $4 million. (So for Memphis, $6.2 million.) San Antonio is $3.26 million over the line. Dallas is $4.5 million over the line. Miami is $6.9 million over the threshold.

Atlanta has Jannero Pargo at $850,000 and Kirk Hinrich at $8 million, and both are expiring contracts. Or, a Marvin Williams for Travis Outlaw deal would work.

Memphis has nine players who make under $3 million,but four of those don't make enough to get them under the tax unless we take two. But we don't have roster space for two more players. One option would be Hamed Haddadi, who makes $1.3 million and is an expiring contract.

San Antonio has Matt Bonner, who makes $3.3 million, which would get them under, but he has two more years left on his contract worth $4.5 million. They also have Richard Jefferson who has two years left on his contract at $21 million. But I don't see the Spurs trading a 40-game starter who's shooting 42 percent from three just to save $10 million ... or would they?

Dallas has never been a team that worries about the luxury tax, but if they can't pull off a big trade to get them back in the playoff race, they might just dump some expiring contracts early in preparation for next season's free agent market. Currently they have three expiring contracts that would get them under the tax: Jason Terry, Jason Kidd and Lamar Odom. I don't see them not re-signing Terry, but Kidd might be ready to retire. So, Kidd or Odom might be a possibility. And it would work even if they had to take back Outlaw's contract.

Miami has the most to lose by chasing luxury tax dollars. They're on track to win it all and aren't going to mess it up by trading two of the highest priced players not named LeBron James, Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh.

Sacramento may be the NBA version of a ‘Cash Cow', but I think the rest of the league is lactose intolerant. Again we're getting little to nothing with cap space. So what else is new?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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