Jimmer: Minute-By-Minute

2011-2012 Regular Season Game Log :Looking at Jimmer's Playtime Minutes per game.

12/26 LAL W 26 Minutes

12/27 POR L 24 Minutes

12/29 CHI L 24 Minutes

12/31 NY L 26 Minutes

December 25 Minutes; 9.3 Points;.368 FG%; 1 3-pt; .250 3P%; 2 Ast to 2.3 TO

01/01 NO W 21 Minutes

01/23 POR L 21 Minutes

01/25 DEN L 36 Minutes

01/28 UTA L 31 Minutes

01/31 GS L 20 Minutes

January 22.5 Minutes; 8.5 Points;.362 FG%;1.6 3-pt;.415 3P%; 1.9 Ast to 1.4 TO

02/02 POR W 0 Minutes

02/04 GS W 0 Minutes

02/06 NO W 10 Minutes

02/07 MIN L 17 Minutes

02/09 OKC W 16 Minutes

02/11 PHX L 14 Minutes

02/14 CHI L 0 Minutes

02/15 NY L 25 Minutes

02/17 DET L 19 Minutes

02/19 CLE L 5 Minutes

02/21 MIA L 0 Minutes

02/22 WSH W 12 Minutes

02/28 UTA W 8 Minutes

February 14 Minutes 6.3 points .422 FG%; 1 3-pt .36 3P%; 1.9 AST to 0.9 TO

03/01 LAC L 13 Minutes

03/02 LAL L 21 Minutes

03/04 PHX L 10 Minutes

03/05 DAN L 17 Minutes

03/07 NO W 28 Minutes

03/09 DAL W 18 Minutes

03/11 ATL L 24 Minutes

03/13 GS L 16 Minutes

03/14 DET L 7 Minutes

03/16 BOS W 10 Minutes

03/18 MIN W 20 Minutes

03/20 MEM W 6 Minutes

03/22 UTA L 8 Minutes

03/24 GS L 0 Minutes

March 15.2 Minutes 6.1 points .408 FG%; 1.2 3-Pt .375 3P%; 1.8 AST to 0.8 TO

Averages 18.7 Minutes .384 FG%; 1.3 3-Pt .377 3P%; 1.9 AST to 1.2 TO

There has been a notable decline of Jimmer's minutes per game since the beginning of the season. In December he averaged 25 minutes per game. This dropped to 22.5 minutes per game in January, in the post Paul Westphal era, who was fired Thursday, January 5, 2012. A more notable drop occurred in February to 14 minutes per game, with four games where he did not play. Jimmer's March average comes to 15.2 minutes with only one game where he had no minutes. There has been approximately a 10 minute drop in average play time per game from the beginning of the season.

As expected, Jimmer's points per game have followed a similar progression as his minutes. In December he averaged 9.3 points which went down to 6.1. Although, somewhat slight, he did see a modest improvement in his FG% from a low of .362 in January to a high of .422 in February. His 3-point shooting went from a low of an average of 1 3-point shot per game with a .250 3-point shooting percentage. He enjoyed an improvement in January, averaging 1.6 with a .415 shooting percentage. This tapered off in February and March with very respectable .360 and .375 shooting percentages.

In December, Jimmer averaged 2 assists to 2.3 Turnovers. In January, he averaged 1.9 assists to 1.4 turnovers. He showed some improvement in February with 1.9 assists to 0.9 turnovers, with similar numbers in March with 1.8 assists to 0.8 turnovers.

In looking at the overall monthly averages to date, Jimmer's numbers appear to show some consistency with minutes played. His best statistics appear to be his three point shooting and his overall assist to turnover ratio going from about to 1-1 to 2-1. While he has struggled to adjust to the NBA, Jimmer does show modest improvement in some areas since the beginning of the season. It is hoped that with additional experience, he will continue to grow as a player.

Little attention has been given to Jimmer. Perhaps with time and exposure, fans will become more aware of this highly overlooked player.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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