Thank You Notes

I have recently been watching Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and have noticed that he does a thing every Friday called Thank You Notes, and I thought that we could use some of this here at STR. So I will start by thanking anyone and anything related to the Kings, so here goes:

Thank You John Salmons, for causing 99.9% of my Kings related nightmares.

Thank You Isaiah Thomas, for curing 99.9% of my Kings related nightmares.

Thank You Tyreke Evans, for having a better half court shot percentage than jump shot percentage.

Thank you Jimmer Fredette, for showing us flashes of this:

and then flashes of trap after trap after trap.

Thank you John Salmons and Reke, for brick after brick after brick. I mean, it's actually getting interesting to see the new ways you guys are coming up with in order to launch worse and worse shots.

Thank you Demarcus Cousins, for getting Paul Westphal fired, really appreciated that.

Thank you JJ Hickson, for never forgetting your pregame ritual of rubbing a whole stick of butter all over your hands. Who needs good hands when you got luck on your side???

Thank you Donte Green, for having everyone saying "FREE DONTE!!!" when you're on the bench, and then everyone saying "Send Donte To Bench" when you playing. It's so confusing.

Thank you Kevin Johnson, for being the epitomy of everything good and pure in this world.

Thank you Maloof family for not fu&*&#@ up the arena deal.... yet. Probably just jinxed it.

Thank you Keith Smart, for realizing John Salmons belongs where Jeremy Lin used to belong.

Thank you Omri Casspi's play in Cleveland, for making it a little less painful to watch our 1st round draft pick go down the toilet.

Thank you Kings bench, for being really bad or really good, but mostly really bad though.

Thank you Keith Smart, for that epic face palm routine. Even after all these games, and there has been a lot of them, it still hasn't gotten old, well, except for the reasons behind the face palm, those got old very fast.

Thank you thought of pairing Cousins and Dwight Howard, for putting a huge smile on my face and making me laugh like a little girl.

Thank you Tyler Honeycutt, well actually you haven't really done anything yet so...........

Thank you Travis Outlaw, for the play of your season: well, its your only play of this season, so there's not much competition. (Sorry, the play just happened last night, and couldn't find a video on youtube, but in case your lazy, like me, its the buzzer beater dunk at the end of the 3rd quarter against the Suns).

Thanks High Tops, for doing such a good job on your pregame analysis, its actually gotten to where I skip right to the comments just to read your write up. (Virtual High-Five)

Thank you Robert Horry, oh you know why, don't make me say it......

Thanks everyone, let me know if you think I forgot to thank anyone.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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