Bring It On, Mayor KJ!

I am not going to waste anytime offending the masses.

There has been a lot of stale bullsh*t around here lately, with coarse, mindless venom directed towards Maloofs, ad nausea.

Jealousy, excess hostility, and pettiness to boot.

Congrats on that, StR.

I think collectively we are better than that.

Scorn and vulgarity could be laced, balanced, even outweighed with substance, or at least an honest attempt made. Deconstructive venting could be offset with constructive contribution, to the degree that personal insight allows. Or you could just type “F*ck the Maloofs” and wait for your post to turn green.

(Toe fungus, mold and sewer scum are green in color too.)

I don’t like the color green, much. I like blue. And burnt orange. And burgundy. More to the point, I’d rather be honest in feeling and my appraisal, irrespective of consensus view.

The following represents example:

If you look at the Feasibility Concern PDF, and here it is, in all its mundane glory, and read between the lines, the Maloofs want the ESC to open by 2015, approximately two and half years from now.

They raise a list of concerns, rational or not, that would threaten target date from being met. This is a devil’s advocate approach, definitively, anticipating anything and everything that could possibly go wrong. I don’t like this pessimistic outlook, since I am an optimist by nature, but its their right to envision potential obstacles.

The Maloofs want these concerns addressed, point by (semi-irrational) point, and I would imagine that is the impetus behind Mayor Johnson red-eyeing it to NYC.

Attorneys are eager to get in the mix too, and pursue ulterior motive to create billable hours, which is to say, they want to muddy the waters to justify their fees and resultant standoff. This is counsel heeded for better or worse, and the Maloofs bear the burden for adherence to said counsel and any subsequent public scorn.

Yet if I was putting up $73.25 million dollars, and anticipated significant increase in revenue, I would want as much of a guarantee as possible that I would start to realize that increase in revenue by the proposed completion date, not 2016, 2017, or ever at all.

(Construction projects have been known to have been delayed. Even a guy named Burkle can likely attest to this fact.)

The pre-development costs are another issue, of course, but I don’t blame the Maloofs for not wanting to pay. I blame them for effectively hand-shaking in the first place, and not making their true feelings and formal positions known sooner.

But previously or now, if the deal does not offer reasonable ROI on $73.25 million dollars, that is $73,250,000 dollars, per their dubious estimation, then it is their right to make a fuss, and it is their right to seek more advantageous terms.

But that doesn’t mean the Maloofs want, or expect, to be in Anaheim in 2013.

If they are denied favorable concessions, which is the likely course of action, at least they tried. Then they reassess and move forward, whichever direction that may be.

My bet is that they concede, cooperate, and call an awkward half-court ESC announcement, as sequel to an awkward half-court ESC announcement.

Until then, none of this drama means they are implicitly looking to flee south. It means they seek a sweeter deal, fewer obligations and better assurances, and an increase in projected revenue or equity ownership in the ESC, above and beyond naming rights revenue. Whether they are justified to seek a 5% profit margin or a 20% margin is yet another issue, but it is their right to aspire to maximum return.

I may emphasize this is not wishful thinking in my estimation, but reasonable conclusion based on preponderance of circumstances.

(They have to know by now they can neither afford cost nor gain sentiment of peers to move to Mickey Mouse Land. The best they can do is ruffle feathers and seek improved non-material terms. It is a desperate place to be, perhaps, but you play the hand you are dealt, or the hand you dealt to yourself.)

I don’t like the Maloofs, but I empathize with their position: down on their luck, seeking a financial and professional comeback. Lacking in resources, allies, and respect, and wondering what Daddy would do in their shoes, if alive, and not tossing and turning six feet below.

Affliction t-shirts, dumb commercials, tinted hair tips, deceptive dealings and misguided business maneuvering aside, I perceive that the Maloofs have legitimate ESC contentions, having been excluded from the pre-Orlando negotiations.

Moreover, I believe the Maloofs love this team, have a passion for this team, like we do, and genuinely want to witness return to prominence while retaining ownership and court side seats. They acquiesced to acquisition of John Salmons, Chuck Hayes and Travis Outlaw within the last 10 months. Effectively, they agreed to pay $51 million dollars in future salary to a three-headed ball-fumbling monster, a Kenny Thomas cubed and reincarnated. That has to count for something, if just pity, even amongst the most callous of critics.

Regardless, the city and the NBA has protected their own interest throughout this ESC process. Our klutzy clan is just doing same, in their own indomitable style.

George, Joe and Gavin have f*cked up in the past, but that doesn’t mean they can’t try their damnedest to do right today. The Maloofs may have lost their fortune, but their chutzpah remains.

Based on the opening salvo to this post, long live chutzpah.

And long live the Kings in Sacramento, and to a future ESC built on bricks, mortar, and the chutzpah of all those contributory towards its realization.

Psst, George, are you in?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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