The Story of Tomorrow

First of all: Please excuse the bad english in the following text. We germans have a ugly language and this always shines through to other languages :)

Yesterdays Friday 13th... it was bad. Really bad for all of us. The Maloofs did the most stupid thing imaginable. And now everybody is full of grief and desperation. Not only in SacTown itself. All over the world. Seasontickets are burned, some guys turn around and want never look back to the kings and others are organising protests. All for a good reason. These are fuckin hard times for us... but let me tell you a story of tomorrow.

Yesterday the regular season ended for the kings. They faced the Lakers and got blown out another time with 89:118. But this was just a sideline. The teams played in front of 1.508 people. The PBP was almost empty. The sad ending forr the Kings? Left from their fans, the city and all hope?

After the game the three Maloofs are meeting. Georges hair is slowly dropping out and oxygen is suddenly arrived in his inside-head. The three brothers are talking about the future. "We're alone." "Noone will spend a dime for us." "Everybody hates us." The enlightment of the situation is like a shock for the Kings-owners... "This is our end in this Town." But what should the guys do?

In their desparation they call a mysterious number. "You're still interested?" The guy on the other end of the phone does not hesitate: "Yeah. Of course." "We will do it. U can have it." "Nice. But i dont need your handshake. I need your sign on a piece of paper." "Why? U dont trust us?" The guy on the other end of the phone laughs. "Not really."

Some weeks later: NBA-Commissioner Stern: "And the number one pick of the draft 2012 goes to the ... Sacramento Kings." The kings pick up [insert ur favorit player inside here :)] and a new teamspirit begins to develop. Development in a positive way - No single "Developener"

A month later: The renamed Arco Arena is filled with about 18.000. The team is celebrating on the court. Suddenly the lights are getting dark. A single shine of light in the middle of the court rises...



I know this is far from here. I know this is not realistic. But i dont care. I dont want to sit here and think about that all might be over. 16 years of being a kings fan... for this end? I dont want to think about it know. The situation is maybe dark. But i will remain with a little bit of faith in a happy ending. Fuck today, fuck friday 13th, fuck the maloofs. Long live tomorrow. Long live the maloof-free Kings.

I hope this little story could distract u guys for some seconds and lead ur minds for just a few moments in possible bright future.

My deep regards to all remaining Kings-Fans.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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