The "issues" the Maloofs have with the term sheet

First off, F the Maloofs.

After a day of letting all the information and emotions set in, I fully believe the Maloofs will do everything in their power to get out of Sacramento. They'd much rather go down to Anaheim and be a distant 3rd behind the Lakers and Clippers. For the record, I fully predict that if they do get clearance to move to Anaheim, Samueli will be the owner of the team within 3 years of them moving (just a hunch).

Anywho, during their press conference, George Maloof kept pointing to a piece of paper saying they had a nmber of issues with the term sheet. Tony Bizjak posted a story pointing out these issues

Kings have not agreed to putting up collateral for a new bond sale to extend the team's existing city loan.

• Kings want approval rights over arena designs and change orders.

• Kings want city to pay all pre-development costs.

• Kings do not want to be responsible for additional costs for change orders on arena.

• Kings want to be allowed to continue to use Power Balance Pavilion in limited ways that would not compete with new arena.

• Kings want more limited wording on whether the team can relocate before 30 years.

• Kings want to approve the city's arena management agreement with AEG.

• Kings want priority in scheduling practices at the arena, and want to not be charged for using the arena for practices and other Kings events.

• Kings do not agree to a 30-year lease. They want that issue negotiated further.

• Kings do not want to be responsible for game-day arena expenses.

• Kings want a say on arena naming rights and signage.

• Kings want further negotiations on use of certain suites, clubs and restaurants.

• Kings want to negotiate for parking alternatives if a premium parking garage is not completed nearby in time for arena opening.

• Kings want to delete the term sheet section that subjects the arena to all city taxes.

• Kings want agreement to include suitable office space for team at the arena.

• Kings want to delete provision that says any new owner of team must assume obligations in term

Now .... I'm no businessman or "developer" like George claims to be .... but this seems like they want a lot of control over an arena that the City will mostly pay for. Their reasoning for not wanting to pay the pre dev fees is that "they're just tenants." Yet, they basically want to control a ton when it comes to the building of it. You can't have it both ways, MaDickheads. (I could be wrong and this could totally be normal protocol for an arena deal. I don't know.)

I will continue to be a SACRAMENTO Kings fans. When/if they move? I'm not sure. If the A's move to San Jose, I'd still be a fan. If the Cowboys moved from Dallas to Montana .... I'd still be a fan. But this team is different. Neither of those other teams are only 20 min from my house. I will continue to root for this team. I will continue to hope that the Kings somehow get Anthony Davis or Kidd-Gilchrist. I know what the Maloofs wanna do. They WANT us not to show up to games. NOT root for the team. So that way, when they leave, they can point and say, "See, they don't even want us there!!" F**k off, MaDumbasses. I will continue to love the "great" product George says they've put on the floor.

Sorry for ranting. Basically, I think these "issues" they have with the term sheet all but confirm they want a free arena with full control over everything, or wanna move. Not fair to the City, not fair to us. I haven't decided whether I'll actually go to a game or not before the end of next season ... but one thing is for sure ... no matter how badly the MaHerpes family wants to screw over Sacramento ... I will still bleed Purple and Black ... for as long as I can.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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