Dear Fans of the NBA, Boo These Men


To the Fans of the NBA,

The past few weeks (especially last week), has been a roller coaster of indescribable emotion for Kings Fans. Some of you know what it's like to have the dark spectre of relocation hang over your team for what seems like an eternity. If not then I'm eternally jealous because it's something I've had to live with for most of my adult life. Few though know the pain of having that cloud of darkness seemingly lifted, only to have it thrust back upon you only a month later. Trust me when I say it's horrifying and I wouldn't wish it upon anybody.

For two weeks, it was glorious. Everything was sunshine and puppies. After a decade of uncertainty the dark days were finally over. We would no longer have to dread the beginning of March. Best of all, Sacramento's economy got the win it desperately needed. Then a chink in the armor appeared when the Maloofs balked at predevelopment fees. What happened after has been pretty well covered, the deal that would save our team collapsed.

I still haven't quite come to terms with what happened. I tried not to think about it, choosing instead to focus on the many positive aspects of my life. It wasn't until my girlfriend basically cajoled me into confronting my feelings that I really started thinking about what I should do about it. Coincidently, this was around when I discovered that the Maloofs intended on attending Sunday's game against the Trailblazers.

Part of me really want to go and just boo the crap out of them. I spent a great deal of time and money at the end of last season going to games and oozing positive support for my team. I ran around passing out flyers in a full Kings uniform and almost lost my voice chanting on at least 3 separate occasions. It was one of the more powerful displays of passion for this team that I've experienced. When they announced they were staying it was the closest feeling I've had to the Kings winning a championship. Fast forward a year and all of that positive energy has turned negative. I wanted to go to that game and just spit pure venom at the Maloofs.

I eventually decided that displaying that side of me at that game wouldn't be the best idea, at least until I calm down a bit, and I didn't go. It was a good decision, not only for my mental health but also because the Maloofs ended up hiding out in their heavily guarded suite instead of their usual courtside seats. But still, I'm sure a decent portion of fans that went to that game did so at least partially to voice their displeasure with a family that was too scared to face the music. They denied the fans a cathartic opportunity to boo the hell out of them and their childish antics and that's not cool.

Fortunately the Maloofs can't hide forever. As the inimitable Robby Biegler so eloquently put, they do have skateboard demonstrations to attend after all. So, in my typical long-winded fashion, this is where I'm asking for your help. If you at all sympathize with our situation, I ask you to boo these men. Voice your displeasure. Urge them to sell the team to a more competent ownership group. Don't cross the line into illegal harrassment territory, but if you happen to see them sitting at a Carl's Jr. eating a $6,000 burger, tell them they don't deserve the Sacramento Kings or the support of its fans. As an anonymous owner recently said, we can't force them to do anything, but we can complain. We can jawbone them. Show them that there are consequences for pulling the rug out from under a passionate fanbase and then asking to frame it as a "no-fault divorce".

So if you see the Maloofs, boo them. Boo the hell out of them. Boo them in public. Boo them if they pass by you in an airport bathroom. Boo them if you catch them at Costco buying bad polo shirts by the pallet. Boo them for all the Kings fans who were denied the opportunity to do so. They maintain that they have the right to change their minds, we have the right to tell them we disagree.

Thanks in advance, and go Kings

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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