Different POV on Los Reyes

First off, i think the arena mess is a complete clown cirucs at this point, however i think we have a core group of players(anyone who says trade tyreke is a moron by the way), and with a handful of strategic moves on Petries part, some luck in the next two drafts, and players buying into Keith Smarts style, we could be a contender very shortly....but this is a different opinion/editorial and it will hopefully, and please trust me, give an interesting and potentially alternative POV on the Maloofs and their seemingly insane behavior. And this isnt a personal attack and many of the info presented may be inaccurate, but i hope it makes people look at things a little differently for a moment. Only purpose of this is to get people to think......

Now, lets turn back the clock a bit for many of us. Remember in high school when there was one person or family at your school who was especially wealthy and they made sure EVERYONE knew it. The guys/girls with the brand new designer clothes or sporting equipment, a $30K car even though there is no way on earth a high school kid could afford wheels like that, and who likely lived in an exlcusive gated community and had friends who were just there for the benefits of having a rich friend who could pay for everything. These kids also walked around like they were better then everyone JUST because mommy and daddy were loaded. Not that being wealthy is bad, but dont make sure that everyone knows it.

Well for some reason, i have a feeling George, Gavin, Joe, and Adrienne fell in this circle. Not that they probably arent nice people, but lets face it.....they were probably raised with a silver spoon in their mouths and when they were old enough, were given jobs at Daddys company that they did nothing to earn other than having the same DNA. These kids who used their wealth to be popular are now legitimately wealthy since daddy died and left everything to them...and surprise surprise, they are indicating they are broke and an entire city hates them. Its an interesting dynaminc when kids take over the family business since more times then not, they run it into the ground because they have absolutely NO IDEA what it took to create it. Unlike dad or grandpa, they never had to start with nothing and likely had the "im rich so that must mean i am smart and a good business person" mindset......which is usually far from the truth since they have had their a** kissed most of their life and have been told how great they are.

And what evidence do we have that they are savvy business men? Selling beer distributing rights in New Mexixo when beer is one product that does well regardless of the economy. Now i dont know the details of all their holdings and maybe im mistaken, but i would think thats an asset you hold on to FOREVER since it will always makes money.....even if the United States economy fell apart, people would still drink. Instead they invested in a sports team(the rich man's ultimate toy), a casino(that almost went bankrupt and isnt even ON the LV Strip) where all we see is George Maloof posing with playboy bunnies when we all know he wouldnt sniff the front gate at the playboy mansion if he didnt have the greenbacks.(See ugly guy getting chicks who are out of his league just because he has a fat wallet) We see Joe and Gavin wearing Volcom hats and skateboard shoes for the "Maloof Cup" in LA, starring in Carls Jr commercials and rap videos, and being on TV constantly at Kings games right by the cameras.(see "hey guys i really am cool, i have money, i should be respected right?...oh and please dont beat me up"). These are 40+ year old men!!!!!!!!! And the kicker is that their sister is on a reality TV show for brainless rich women who cant act but are doing anything for attention so they can feel famous.(dont even get me started) Now with that said, i am sure the family is relatively well capitalized and have plenty of assets but business acumen seems to be lacking.

Bottom line is this. How many NBA owners NOT named Mark Cuban force themselves into the public spotlight the way that family has.(and the difference with Cuban is that he SPENDS to get top notch caliber players, knows what he can and cannot afford, and makes guys WANT to be his employee). As for the Maloofs, Are they desperate to put a good product on the floor and reward the most loyal fan base in the league???(like most owners because a good product on the floor means more butts in seats and more revenue) OR are they just trying to find ways to use their money so that people like them and promote their own personal brands? You cant buy fans/ earn them.

And finally, whoever thought it was a good idea to let the one person who is the antithesis of what it means to be a Kings fan represent this city at the lottery is a disgrace. I mean come many times has involving a reality show starlet who is so desperate for attention that she will do anything other than actually act, worked out well for a professional athlete or a team?


Reggie Bush, Lamar Odom, Kris Humphries, Tony Romo, Hank Baskett, etc

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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