Fanposts vs. Fanshots, the Sequel

Hi gang. Back in December, I ran a Fanpost detailing the difference between a Fanpost and a Fanshot. Recently, we've had a number of each that did not meet the qualifications, so I am re-posting the "directions" here:

A couple of years ago, I think I used some lame verbiage that went something like, "If it's yours to boast, then Fanpost. If it is not, then Fanshot." Like I said, lame. That said, the simple difference is that if you are authoring the post, then it is a Fanpost. But if you are primarily posting someone else's work, then it is more appropriate to present it in Fanshot form.

Fanposts should possess content that exceeds what you would post as a comment in a thread. In other words, don't submit a Fanpost that is nothing more than a thread comment.

Fanshots are primarily content from other media sources. Remember copyright rules and simple ethics. Do not cut and paste someone else's work. Instead, create the Fanshot with the appropriate link to the site and work that you are referencing. Do not cut and paste ESPN Insider, for example, if that content can be accessed only by those that pay for such access.

Also, please remember that the "Weekly Asinine Trade Thread" is posted on a regular basis (except after the trade deadline to the end of the season) by StR member and snazzy dresser "lietothegirls" (code name "lttg"). Always look for that Fanpost for trade discusssion as opposed to posting your trade idea as an independent Fanpost.

Oh, and be sure to "rec" any Fanposts or Fanshots that you particularly like. 10 recommendations will vault it to the top of the Fanpost or Fanshot list, where it will be more readily available to all members for a longer period of time.

Last but not least, please give the Fanshot inventory a good review before posting your Fanshot. Many times the story that you're about to link may already be posted. And remember, if one of the StR staff has posted a Fanshot to the front page, it may not show up in the Fanshot sidebar that runs down the right side of the front page, so be aware.

Huge thanks to each and every one of you that takes the time to Fanpost and/or Fanshot. Your contributions really help take StR to a higher level.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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