Open letter to the Maloofs

Now that everything Kings related is cooling down, I'd like to take this opportunity to speak directly to the Maloofs, since this is apparently the only way that they will get messages since KHTK has successfully silenced the voices of the fans who don't drink the kool-aid.

1. KHTK is doing you (as business managers) a grave disservice by completely shutting down those who wish to express frustration with your operation of the Kings. I don't care how emotional you are, you need to hear the bad when it is needed, and six seasons of horrific Basketball, including five last place finishes - you need to hear the frustration of the fans. Grant Napear shouting everybody down and not allowing respectful dialogue is killing you because you are only getting one side of the picture. Where are you going to know what is truly going on in the community? It sure isn't going to be from KHTK.

1A. Do all of us Kings fans a favor and stop saying your "committed" and that you're going to put money into the team. The talk is cheap and meaningless - go out and do it! Let Petrie do his job, let Smart do his and let this team grow. Spend the money where needed, like on another big and a veteran PG.

2. You guys are drama kings (no pun intended). Let me give you advice, you aren't the Steinbrenners, Busses, or Cubans - they can get away with their silly little drama plays. You can't because YOU'RE NOT WINNING.

2A. Speaking of drama, sending Adrienne Maloof who has absolutely NOTHING in common with Sacramento to represent? I guess nothing says "Sacramento" like having a reality show queen from BEVERLY HILLS representing the team at the Lottery. How long before those who watch her reality trash catch the lottery as part of her ridiculous show?

3. You are supposed to be business experts, yet you haven't grapsed the basic concept that perception is 90% of reality. With the team record since 2006, two failed arena attempts, numerous reports about beer distributorships and casinos, and countless PR mistakes, you expect Kings fans to have limitless patience? We are passionate, not ignorant and our patience is gone.

4. Get your family on the same page, it is beyond obvious to everybody that you're not. If you truly want to stay in Sacramento (I doubt it), then you need to remove George from anything even remotely related to Sacramento.

5. Stop any more talk of this pipe dream of an arena because that's exactly what it is, a pipe dream. Just be honest and admit that you want no part of it.

6. Finally Maloofs, no more excuses. Yes, Sacramento is a small market, but I look at teams like Oklahoma City, Memphis, San Antonio, and Utah, and I wonder - why can't Sacramento be like that? You cannot provide a good reason. You as business owners should not accept this poor performance.


7. Anything less than 37 wins in an 82 game season next season is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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