Maturity in Sacramento Debacle

A lot of us have made comments here and other places about the maturity of the Kings players and how that's a hinderance to their growth as a team. Well, they have an excuse because they are young bucks trying to find their way. But how would anybody expect these young players to mature when all they see is this four-ring circus of politicians, business leaders, media, and Maloofs taking turns acting ignorant?

Let's cut to the chase: This pissing contest between Think Big (Chris Lehane) and "Business Leaders" versus the Maloofs is just making Sacramento and its reputation look worse than a bad freaking Reality Show.

Let's start with Lehane. Basically from what little I know he's a political operative, so you pretty much know what you're going to get - a mudslinging bomb-thrower. Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense. This whole issue with saving the Kings while being stuck dealing with the very emotional and immature Maloofs as owners requires finesse, not a damn flame-thrower.

"Business Leaders". Who appointed these clowns leaders and what is it again that they do? If you are creating jobs, I'd love to know where. Seriously guys, if you are so-called leaders, why did you make the mistake of even participating in this letter in the first place? Everybody was hot, and you threw gasoline on that fire.

IF the allegations are true about the Maloof investigation of "business leaders", then we pretty much have our answer to the future of the Kings -- they aren't concentrating on building the team, they seem more interested in burning (rather than building) more bridges in Sacramento.

I've already bashed the media, but there seems to be one man (an outsider) who may be able to inject some sanity into this whole sordid mess: Ray Ratto!!! He said it best in his write up when he openly mocked both sides and wanted to open this up as a three-ring circus. How badly does the situation in Sacramento have to be screwed up for Ray Ratto to take time out of his day and refer to both sides as a weak-ass Adam Sandler versus Bobcat Goldthwait movie? Personally, if I had written that article, I would have casted the Pauly Shore, but whatever...

Ratto also has it right that neither side is particularly interested in saving the Kings for Sacramento anymore, only in destroying each other. It's personal and the fans have ceased to be any part of the equation.

Enough is enough! HEY CLOWNS, DON'T YOU GET IT -- RAY RATTO IS LAUGHING AT YOU -- RAY FREAKING RATTO!!! If this guy is laughing at you then...(you fill in the blank). But then again, Ray Ratto may be the very guy who can inject some sanity here, and perhaps even get folks to see how stupid they look.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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