Anthony Davis's Value Compared to Past Drafts

I am attempting to gather the expectations that will be leveled upon of Anthony Davis as this years top pick. As we all know not all 1st picks are equal. Some top picks are viewed as "can't miss Superstar players" while others are viewed as "we are just hoping he turns into an eventual All-Star". From what I've heard on Anthony Davis he is viewed as a legitimate franchise changing player. I do view him as a bit of a curious case for a top pick because his strength is on defense while his offensive game needs some work. Typically franchise players are viewed as offensive stalwarts not defensive stalwarts or in some cases both.

I'd like hear others opinion on Davis relative to past NBA Lotteries/Drafts. For discussion purposes I've attempted rank the hype/expectations of these 1st picks than slot Anthony Davis accordingly. Its not a list on how these players turned out but a list on how these players were expected to turn out. If you could, rank the hype on past lotteries top picks yourself and where you would rank Davis.

I list the top player chosen in each draft although there are some drafts were there was no censuses who was the top pick. Those cases tended to be ranked towards the bottom because the perception was the draft had no star players. Than there are other drafts were the hype/expectations were strong because there were at least two perceived Superstar players. Those cases tended to get a bump from me. Either case I listed the top player chosen although there was some mild debate as who should be the top pick amongst multiple players. Finally there are few these where my memory isn't so great and I'm winging it. For instance, David Robinson, from chalky memory I recall some ambivalence towards The Admiral because he played secluded away at Navy and had some absence from basketball prior to entering the NBA. Others like Joe Smith, I question whether Wikipedia is lying to me.

1. 1992 - Shaquille O'Neal
2. 1985 - Patrick Ewing
3. 1997 - Tim Duncan
4. 1993 - Chris Webber
5. 2003 - Lebron James
6. 2008 - Derrick Rose
7. 1991 - Larry Johnson
8. 2009 - Blake Griffin
9. 2012 - Anthony Davis
10. 2007 - Gred Oden
11. 2010 - John Wall
12. 1996 - Allen Iverson
13. 1999 - Elton Brand
14. 1994 - Glenn Robinson
15. 2002 - Yao Ming
16. 1987 - David Robinson
17. 2004 - Dwight Howard
18. 1990 - Derrick Coleman
19. 2000 - Kenyon Martin
20. 1988 - Danny Manning
21. 2005 - Andrew Bogut
22. 2011 - Kyrie Irving
23. 2001 - Kwame Brown
24. 1995 - Joe Smith
25. 1998 - Michael Olowokandi
26. 2006 - Andrea Bargnani
27. 1989 - Pervis Ellison
28. 1986 - Brad Daugherty

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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