I'd like a core of Tyreke and Durant next year.

Since that ain't happening....I was stressing over the possible draft scenarios, tiring of the trade Tyreke chatter (way too much) and considering the vet(s) we'd need to make a big jump next year. KD anyone? How about Rudy Gay? I know, I know, this is not a new idea. I'm not a huge Rudy Gay fan and know the Maloofs won't like paying his salary (Memphis can have Salmons or Hayes back in a trade!) but KD is what we need and Gay may be the next best thing.

Who's the we in need? IT22, Tyreke, JT & Cousins.

Of course GP could alter the roster any number of ways, Isaiah's a little small (yeah, and what of it!), JT's not signed and not the defensive juggernaut Whiteside and Drummond are (slight sarcasm), and Tyreke can't shoot. But all else being unknown, I can find comfort in the next two weeks thinking about a young core of four, going into next year together again, along with the currently missing piece. A good sized jump shooter at the SF. (Barnes @ 5?, Maybe. But not for the sake of this best case scenario.)

Consider OKC's roster -split in guards and bigs. Westbrook (athletic, scorer) and Sefolosha (defense). Ibaka (defense) and Perkins (defense). Then you have KD. I like their results this year. But would anyone here beg for Sefolosha at SG instead of Tyreke? How about Perkins or Ibaka instead of Cousins?

Even in Memphis. They have a good recent history with Conley (small floor general) and Allen (defense). Randolph (offense) and Gasol (size, defense, offense). And then there's Gay. Would anyone switch Conley/Allen for Tyreke/IT22? Gasol/Randolph for Cousins/JT? (Ok, maybe a few would switch that one now, but young Cuz could end up having a career that dwarfs those guys').

I do remember the sixth men, Harden and Mayo. They're pretty good too. That's why we got Buckets! MT23!

Point being...I like Cousins and Tyreke alot. I like IT22 and JT enough, the best thing about them being they were here last year and like it here I think. They do seem invested in Sac. Putting an all-star, vet SF in the middle of the current lineup should work wonders.

Since Durant's not available and rumors have swirled that Gay may be, I think whatever it takes to fill that SF spot with a veteran (Gay, Deng, etc) may be preferable to get Sac to the level of OKC and Memphis, while leaving little else for GP or the Maloofs to screw up. Otherwise I'll just hope for one of the perfect world draft stories to come true!

PG: IT22, Jimmer, vet FA (Tinsley)

SG: Tyreke, MT23, Garcia/Salmons

SF: Gay, Honeycutt, T. Will/Outlaw

PF: JT, Hayes, Greene/2nd rounder

C: Cousins, Whiteside

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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