I said "do not read", but you went and clicked on this post anyways. Well here's your last chance, do not continue reading this post.

Reading this post will cause hatred of this_guy, and possibly lead to tears of hatred, smashing of computer screens and killing of your daughter's boyfriend.

this_guy does not and will not be held responsible for any damages resulting in reading this post.

Well, if you have decided to keep reading, regardless of the danger, well here is what this_guy has to say....

The date is June 28th, 2012, the day of the NBA 2012 draft.
With the first pick the Hornets pick Anthony Davis. Second, Thomas Robinson to the Bobcats, followed by Bradley Beal to the Wizards and Harrison Barnes to the Cavaliers. Who does that leave? Michael Kidd Gilchrist!!!

Now, at this point I know what you must be thinking: "MKG to the Kings? That's not terrible, that's fantastic! That's the best possible outcome in the draft! There's no way I'm going to kill my daughter's boyfriend!" But this is when things turn bad.

"With the 5th pick in the NBA draft the Philadelphia 76ers pick Micheal Kidd Gilchrist, Forward from Kentucky."

But wait!!! The Sacramento Kings had the 5th pick in the draft...unless Geoff it can't be....Geoff Petrie, when he had the chance to draft Michael Kidd Gilchrist he just throws it away and stomps on the dreams of every Kings fan.

Now hold on, don't you punch that computer screen, put that fist down, it may not be as bad as you think. Petrie may have had a good plan this year when he traded that pick away.

It turns out that Petrie traded the rights to Michael Kidd Gilchrist and Marcus Thonton to the 76ers for Andre Iguadola, Elton Brand, and the number 15 pick. MGK and our top scorer for a defensive specialist and an old post who's probably close to retiring. What was he thinking? Probably something along these lines:

Right now MGK is not a good shooter. He will be a defensive specialist and one can only hope that he can develop a jump shot. In other words, we can hope to develop into Andre Iguadola but it's not a sure thing. Elton Brand, while he is old, still has posted very respectable numbers. Last year he averaged 11 pts 7rb, and 1.6 blks per game. And with the 15th pick there are a multitude of very solid 4/5 type players who could begin the season on the bench backing up Brand and then either take over the starting job during the season or in his second season.

Some players I wouldn't mind seeing get picked by the Kings at 15: John Henson (doubt he'd still be there), Terrance Jones, Arnette Moultrie, Tyler Zeller or Meyers Leonard.

If all of this comes to be as I said, our lineup would look like this:
1. Thomas-Jimmer

2. Tyreke-'Cisco

3. Iguadola-Salmons-Honeycutt

4. Brand-Rookie

5. Cousins-Hayes-Whiteside

Not a great lineup, but that line-up could be competitive and would be a solid step forward towards getting back to the playoffs.

Now, if you have read this entire thing (and I realize it was a long post) I would like to say that if MKG happened to fall to the Kings I would hope that they grab him and run without looking twice. I wrote this to be a conversation starter not what I would do if this situation came to me. My hope is that you guys will see my point and if not agree with it, see and understand the benefits.

Please don't hate me.

PS I gave you fair warning to not read this.
PPS My second round pick would ideally be a solid 3 man. (I like Jae Crowder from Marquette)

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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