The solution for all Kings issues

First of all: Excuse my bad English.

In the last few weeks we had a lot of guys here, who shared their way to solve a specific issue of the kings. Most of them were related to the draft/rookie issue. Some of the owner issue and the 'Reke issue and so on.

But now, ladies and gentlemen, here is the ultimate solution for all issues. And its very simple and not expensive at all.

First of all we need to buy some chicken. Yes you're eyes are working good, i said chicken. Here in germany a chicken is about 50 Euro, in Dollar ... i dont know 70? So we get 5 chicken for 350 Bucks. In "Small Market Big Heart" i saw these kids selling lemonade to gain money, they took about 300, so we should send them out again.

Now we got our five chicken and we will start the training camp for them. There are several skills that chicken already have like picking and looking, but we need also agility, stealth, power, creativity and black chicken-ninja-suits.

Problem 1: The owner - When the training camp is over we will send them to the first and the most important mission: They sneak into G. M*loofs bedroom and lay down eggs in his hair. He will never find them and so the little eggs will lay warm. When the young chicken break out of their eggs, they will invade Georges head (i think there is space for about 30 young chicken). Now we control the young chicken and the young chicken control George.

Next mission: Our black-ninja-chicken-squad will bring Burkle or any other good owner-candidat to controlled Georgie, who will be happy to sell. Problem 1 solved.

Problem 2: The arena. We all know that building a new arena is anoying and it costs so much time and money and i promised you to have a cheap solution. Here is the deal: Our meanwhile veteran-black-ninja-chicken-squad will travel to New York and in a dark night they will steal the garden. Instead of the garden we will place Georgie M*loof at the former spot with a big shield in his hands with the following on it: "I'm developing the new garden". No one will notice the difference. Problem 2 solved.

Problem 3: The draft. Similiar to Problem No.2 we will steal the required pick. Now you will ask: But how? There is an simple answer for it: We clone Jimmer. I think five clones will be enough for Anthony Davis. (We keep the original Jimmer of course and the new Jimmers are manipulated and equipped with Tyrekes Jumpshotskills)

Problem 4: Tyrekes Situation: We will keep Tyreke. No question. But we will cheat with his skills. If we're done with cloning the Jimmer, the black-suited-veteran-ninja-chicken-squad will "borow" Tyreke for a while. We take the safety-copy of the Jimmer-clones, cut of his hands and put them on tyreke. I think four hands should be enough to get a nice skill. The last step includes the stealing of shaqs feet (i bet u know who will get this job done:)). His feets are also put on tyreke so he will not be able to fall back during a shot ever again.

Problem 5 (future problem, starts at 2030): We dont have any space for more championsship-trophys. No solution possible.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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