Bradley Beal falls to five....What to do?

It has been known for a while now that Anthony Davis will go number 1 to the Hornets. It is what happens after that will be interesting. It is pretty settled that some combination of MKG, Thomas Robinson, Harrison Barnes and Bradley Beal will round off the top five. Most people believe that Bradley Beal will be gone before the five spot where the Kings will be picking, which means that most likely either MGK, ThRob, or Barnes will be there for the Kings (and those are my top three picks personally.)

But what happens if Beal is the one to fall to the Kings? (I'm assuming that no teams trade into the top five to snag Drummond or anyone else not mentioned) There is already a large number of perimeter players on the Kings with 'Reke, MT, IT, Jimmer, Salmons and 'Cisco. That's half of our team in perimeter players. And none of them do I feel is capable of being a worthy starting 3. And yes that includes Tyreke who I think would be best at the 2. If we draft Beal that would make 7 perimeter players, 5 (12-7=5) forwards/centers for the rest of the roster. That's not a good distribution.

Now, many of you are thinking, So why not draft a big man like Andre Drummond, or John Henson (and I know there's a few of you out there thinking) Tyler Zeller? Here's why:

I'm not sold on Drummond. People keep comparing him to Cousins because they both had red flags that don't have to do with their athletic ability. But Cousins' drive to be good was never questioned. Everyone knew he wanted to play the game and be awesome, they just questioned if he could control his temper tantrums on the court and keep his head on the task at hand. Drummond, on the other hand, has had his love for the game questioned. To me, that's a HUGE red flag. I don't want someone who doesn't want to play the game on my team.

As far as Henson and *gulp Zeller, they should be there at later picks.

If it came to me, I would do one of two things:
1. I would offer up the 5 pick to the highest bidder. And hopefully land a decent vet. and a decent lottery pick. This draft is fairly deep at the 4 position
2. Offer Marcus Thornton to the highest bidder the same as above. Then draft Beal at the five and hopefully have another lottery pick.

Hold on now!!!! (That's you guys) You're going to try and trade our top scorer to make room for an unproven rookie?!?
Yup, and a vet (people always seem to forget that part). MT is a nice player, but not a lot of upside. There's is defintely a team who is one James Harden type bench player away from being a contender. (No MT is not James Harden, but he could put up high scoring numbers off the bench, or decent numbers as a starter.)

Personally, I would prefer option 2 because I am excited to see this kid play and I think he could be special. If we drafted Beal (and MT is gone) I would have him back up Tyreke at the 2 and allow Jimmer to back up IT at the 1. Hopefully resign JT and use that second lottery pick on a 4. Sign a FA 3 and heres a not the worst team in the league lineup

1. IT-Jimmer
2. Tyreke-Beal-Cisco
3. FA-Salmon's-Honeycutt
4. JT-Rookie
5. Cousins-Hayes-Whiteside

and who know what veteran player we would get.

PS. I hope to god we can get MKG ThRob or Barnes.
PPS Sorry its a long post. I have a tendancy to over write to make sure I get my point across.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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