Draft day trade ideas!! Help Petrie redeem himself!

I posted the short version of my draft day trade in the draft day extravaganza... and just wanted to know if you think a move like this would make sense for all teams involved (Sac, GSW, Bos). Hate it, or like it, please post some other draft day trades below.

Golden State... I think they have Curry at PG, Klay at SG, Bogut at C, and Lee at PF. While they have decent options at the SF, I'm thinking they would like to find a young SF for the future, and Wright and Jefferson are not the answer long term. The solid SFs will be gone by the 5th pick... so they agree to trade Wright and the 7th pick for the Kings' 5th pick and John Salmons (rejoice).

The Kings drop 2 spots, and swap SF's, get another (potential) deep threat in Wright, and save $4m this year, and $7.5m next year. I think the Kings make this swap, but is Barnes/MKG worth that cash for GWS?? I'll just say yes for now.

Now we are at the 7th pick, and the ellite SFs are gone... Time to make another move. Is Boston in a position to finally blow up (not a real blow up, considering most are FA) the team and go in another direction? Again, lets just suppose they are. They have the 21st, 22nd pick, and Rondo and Pierce as their only assets.

The Kings decide to trade down, again, but include a big piece this time. The Kings move Tyreke Evans, the 7th pick, and the 36th pick to Boston, for Rajon Rondo and the 21st pick. Do both teams win here?

The Kings get a great PG and a proven playoff leader, and with the 21st pick they can pick from who is available of either Perry Jones or Terrence Jones... two big athletic guys who can possibly play either SF/PF in the NBA.

Boston gets Tyreke, a guy capable of playing a few positions, he is younger, and will be cheaper down the road than Rondo. His versatility will make it easier for Boston to "rebuild". With the 7th pick they have more solid options than they would with the 21st pick. And they get another much needed asset with the 36th pick.

Kings Potential Depth Chart

PG - Rondo / IT

SG - MT23 / Jimmer / Garcia

SF - Wright / (Jones/Jones) / Outlaw / Honeycutt

PF - JT / Hayes / (Jones/Jones)

C - Cuz / Whiteside

Personally, I think it's an improvement.

Pretty sure our cap space stays around the same next year. Salmons vs Wright we save $4m, and we take on $6m with Rondo vs Reke, but we save a few bucks by trading down from 5 to 21. So we can still sign one more decent player at a position of need.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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