My Bill Simmons-Chad Ford rebuttal

I was insulted (yet understood) their insults of the Kings. Here is my e-mail rebuttal to Grantland:

"To the most dishonorable Big Willy Simmons:

Long time reader, first time writer, yada yada...

As I am obsessed with the Kings and the decision making process of the draft, needless to say I stumbled across your snake style draft debate between you and Chad F150. I will admit, I rely on Chad Mustang's draft analysis every year and believe he does have good insight, but for the most part he is inaccurate when, not reporting on, but analyzing the Kings. This inaccuracy of Chad Bankrupt and others is the basis of my day-off e-mail.

I understand the gap between Sacramento and the rest of the sports world. I really do. It's not even really sports though, it's everything. We are a city founded during the American industrial revolution that had a nasty trifecta of Gold Rushing, Transcontinental railroading, and Capitolizing. This all happened in a (google...wikipedia) 15-20 year period. Lebron, Wade, and Bosh? Please! We were the original big 3! Yet somehow, like an invisible hand was pushing us backward into an invisible prank, we still ended up about as mediocre as me: 5'10.5'', 160, white, from a California suburb. Big cities like San Francisco and eventually LA made us an afterthought with respects to tourism, infrastructure, hipsters, and sports.

Enough with the historical downfalls though (except for janky hipsters). I'm writing to clarify some of the misconceptions about the King's shot-callers. I am a huge Petrie fan. His comic relief provided in Land Before Time was integral to the movie. I am also a huge Geoff Petrie fan. For years my brother and I have been saying "In Petrie We Trust". I understand that he has made some questionable moves, including last year's trade in the draft to acquire Peanut Butter Jimmer Time and reacquire John Salmons. I was hoping we would draft Brandon Knight. He catches a lot of flak for this move (including between you and Chad , but rarely receives credit for drafting the Hustling Husky, Isaiah Thomas. The last player drafted was a consecutive two time Rookie of the Month. In a shortened season he was the best rookie for two straight months. Pretty damn good pick and a player with a lot of promise. So let's kick the ballistics here and get down to brass tax: Has Petrie made more good moves or bad moves? I will be selecting some of the most significant moves starting in 1998. I see no reason to include everything from signing 300 pound Oliver Miller (who was "jogging" one day, so probably walking or just standing there breathing, and was hit by a car. The car was totaled. Not kidding) to waiving Roy Rogers (sad really, makes a mean soda). I will highlight a few of each, but here is a link to his transactions as GM, courtesy of HoopsHype.

Bad: -The Nick Anderson trade. Oh, the potential it had! We were coming off post-season playoff appearance in what was an exciting five game series loss to the Jazz (please bring those back Stern). We took Stockton, Malone, and Hornyczech to a five game series. Hold on...We took Stockton, Malone, and Hornyczech to a five game series. We weren't back, we just had a pulse. And we had a solid roster outside of SG. Never panned out.

-Eric Musselman, Reggie Theus, Paul Westphal. (Instead of Scott Brooks or Tom Thibs)

-Drafting Dan Dickau, Mateen Cleaves, Quincy Douby, Jimmer.

The Goods: -The Mitch Richmond for Chris Webber trade. Thank you for some great years Mitch, but the Rock for C-Webb was the catalyst to our success during those years. His best move as GM.

-As much as I hate to say it, Jason Williams for Mike Bibby. Jason Williams is still my favorite King ever. His style of basketball was from another planet, for better or worse, and he was the catalyst to the "Greatest show on court". Dude passed with his elbow!!! His elbow!!! But unfortunately elbow passes are not conducive to post season success. Bibby was a wonderful combo of passing and scoring. Not to mention his game five shot in the series-not-to-be-named.

-Drafting Jason Williams, Peja, Hedo, Gerald Wallace, Kevin Martin, Tyreke Evans, Demarcus Cousins, Isaiah Thomas...Jimmer.

Jeff Goodman recently did a ranking of GM's in the draft. Sam Presti was the ceiling while David Kaaaaaahn was the floor, so it kind of has to make sense right? Geoff Petrie was ranked number two. Petrie is a two time executive of the year. Granted, Grantland, those two awards were over a decade ago. I get that. But look at the financial state of his bosses from that time until now. They went from the rich playboys of the NBA to the near bankrupt owners who keep crying arena. These are the guys who contracted Power Balance to be the face of our crumbling arena. It will always be Arco by the way. Power Balance is now bankrupt and their owner has publicly stated there is no scientific evidence to back up their scientific claims. It's like the Aloofs are only befriending the scum of the one-percenters, because that's what they are.

So when you said "I wouldn't let Geoff Petrie organize a Grantland office lunch order at this point", I thought short and soft about that. Maybe you're right, the dude loves wheelin' and dealin' so much that he would probably try to convince you a brunch with the ESPN staff is a more suitable experience. Realistically, he would have to steal the food because the guys cutting his checks don't have enough discretionary income to have any sort of outcome. That parallel is the world a two time executive of the year is living in. Maybe he's washed up, maybe he's been in the same organization for too long. Idono. That's all subjective. The objective reality is that the family he works for has been riding and gambling the financial success of their father and grandfather. Why did they sell the beer distributorship? Why have they lost control in the Palms? Why did they even build the Palms when they wanted/needed a new arena? Why did they start with over 60% ownership in the Kings, and now only own 43% after selling ownership stakes to friends at two different times? Geoff Petrie is at the bottom of the hill hoping for shit to roll down, but because the Aloofs can't afford loaves and fishes he's left to assemble a team that barely cracked the minimum payroll. Does that Beno Udrih-John Salmons salary swap make a little more sense now? I miss mediocrity.

...My gut is telling me Geoff Petrie will pull off a trade along the lines of Jason Williams for Mike Bibby today, at least in terms of how it balances out our young, talented yet highly unorganized team. Bold statement, but I just ate cold pizza and coffee for breakfast. #Anythingispossible #KevinGarnett #AmIEvenUsingThisRight?"

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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