On the Precipice of Woo-Hoo

Say ‘hello’ to your athletic mirror image, Blake Griffin.

Allow me to introduce you to T-Rob, David Lee.

Welcome to your box out nightmare, Kevin Love.

Jazzercise aside, and let a 'rook' show you how it’s done, Derrick Favors.

Have a slice of facial pie, served cold and fresh in your grill. Bon Appetit, Luis Scola.

The Lakers don’t want you, Pau Gasol.

Unloved and eroding fast, say ‘whassup’ to Number 0 in purple and black, and prepare to be dissed some more.

The last time the Kings had a power player who could flip the switch to full-on beast mode was when Ron Artest was in the lane creating meta non-peace.

Its time for the Kings to get beastly again.

Welcome to Sacramento, Thomas Robinson!


My favorite thing about T-Rob’s game is that he moves, runs and finishes relentlessly like a SF, while in the undeniable body of a PF. (6’9", 245 pounds with 5% body fat, 7’3".25 wingspan.)

Robinson is not a plodder, nor an exclusive back-to-the basket brute. He will flash to open spots along the baseline, fill the lane like a guard, hedge on pick and roll defense, and ferociously pursue loose balls.

All successful NBA players defy ordinary expectation relative to their size.

Bobby Jackson was effectively a 5’10" power forward. Isaiah Thomas and Chris Paul are the same height, in a league where 6’6" is average, and have been able to mimic B-Jax’s former style of play.

Kevin Durant is a 6’10 gazelle who faces up like a two guard. DeMarcus Cousins has secret desire to be Michael Jordan, and his game occasionally reveals this agile flare.

Paul Pierce has the footwork of a ballerina in a 6’8" frame. Roy Hibbert shed his awkwardness coming out of Georgetown to become a 7’2" difference maker in the paint.

Small guys with force and power to complement their speed. Big guys with agility and coordination to complement their size.

Show me a collection of said guys, 6 to 8 deep on one roster, and I’ll show you an NBA playoff team.

Thomas Robinson meets the above qualification, with maturity, toughness and defensive intensity to boot.

A 72% losing rate over the last 4 years, a perennial NBA lotto kick to the teeth, integrity-challenged owners, and a GM who temporarily misplaced his ingenious instincts.

We deserved yesterday, Kings fans, 2nd round shenanigans excluded.

Two years ago at this time, the Kings had a ROY, an overweight prospect with an attitude problem, and not much else.

The pieces are coming together.

Slowly (Cousins weight loss), unexpectedly (the 60th pick in the draft), methodically (the 4th, 5th, 7th and 5th pick in consecutive years) mercifully (the Grim Reaper of Coaching exiled), and with a few inconvenient hiccups along the way (Tyreke’s jumper, J.J. Hickson, John Salmons and penniless brothers), a real team is taking shape.

Yet perhaps the real cause for optimism is a hyperactive orchestrator at the helm who can put it all together.

Coach Smart talked yesterday about the new culture he is trying to nurture, the team identity he is trying to mold, and the collective work ethic is trying to instill.

Thomas Robinson figures to fit right in.

"All of our guys want to be in a working mode. T-Rob is going to fit that mode. His basketball skills are going to speak for themselves." Coach Smart

Fitting in may be a tempered projection.

Getting beastly is more likely.

"In his mind, T-Rob was the best player (in the draft). I am sure he is going to prove that….He has a presence about him that dictates he is going to work…" Coach Smart

Petrie was more effusive:

"T-Rob is one of the top couple talents in the draft…He is going to bring a lot of competitive spirit. He is a ferocious rebounder. He has a lot of quickness and a lot of speed. Quick feet….He is a real warrior, and that’s going to mean a lot to our team."

Helping T-Rob to succeed, as if he needed any help, may extend to more than X’s and O’s. Given T-Rob’s personal heartache, the passing away of his Mom at too young of an age and both grandparents, this was affirming to hear.

"We support him. That’s what we do. That's what I do. Coming into our environment, its hands-on all-year round. It’s not just on the basketball floor. We do all we can so that these guys are well-rounded as players and people." Coach Smart

LVSL is 14 days away, starting on July 13th.

Tyreke, Isaiah, Jimmer and Thomas Robinson are all expected to participate.

Second round pick, Cash Money, has a strained hamstring and is doubtful.

T-Rob’s adoring little sister will be cheering on her brother.

So will we.

Let the beasting begin.


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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