Some SF to look at

I looked through a list of SF (as listed by ESPN, so I may have missed some that were listed as SG or PF) and picked out 6 SF who I think that the Kings should look at for a multitude of reasons. I tried to pick out players who are not stars (sorry, we aren't getting Durant) or even the best player on their team (so no Iggy either). These are players who I think could be had at a fairly modest price due to team needs and the such.

I list them in no particular order so my opinion of the guy first is not necessarily worse or better than the guy last. When I list a player it will have the following format
Name-Team Name-2012 Salary-Years remaining
Reasons for looking at him

The players are listed after the jump...

First, Marvin Williams-Atlanta Hawks-7.5 million-2 years
I think he could be had because the Hawks already have their starting SF in Joe Johnson. He has been used as a starter throughout his career so starting for the Kings would not be new to him. This past year he shot 38.9% from 3-land and averaged 10.2 pts in 26.3 minutes. He's only 26 (and a past 2nd overall pick) so his numbers shouldn't be going down anytime soon. He also had a modest 16.1 usage rate and a decent 15.87 PER. He is also capable on D, not a lock down, but very solid. I think for Marcus Thornton because the Hawks lack a high scoring guard. (The Hawks should throw in a second round pick to sweeten the deal). The Hawks would lose a backup player but gain a starting guard. I think the Hawks would get the better player, but as far as needs go, I think both teams would win.

Before I go on, I will admit most of the time my trades will involve Thornton. Yes, I realize he was our scoring leader, but we don't need scoring (we have plenty of scoring) what we need is defense at the 3.

Dorell Wright-Golden St Warriors-3.8 million-1 year
Dorell could be easily had from the Warriors just for the pure fact that the Warriors have a huge glut at the SF position. Last year he averaged 10.5 pts a game and 36% from 3-land. He is not to great on defense, but I think he could be an asset overall for the team if he is had for cheap. The Warriors would like to have guard depth so maybe Garcia. I would rather keep Jimmer here because I think there is hope he may develop into a solid NBA player.

Thaddeus Young-Philadelphia 76'ers-7.5 million-4 years
Young could be had for the same reason that Williams could be had, his team already has a starting SF. This past season he averaged 12.8 pts a games on a very good 18.93 PER (which would have been second on the Kings last year.) He is a career 33.7% 3 pt shooter, but last year was only 25% from behind the arc. He is not a great jump shot, but loves to get to the rim, especially in transition. I realize that a player with a shaky jump shot is not what this team needs. He also had a 20.1 usage percentage which on this team is a little to high. I only included him as an idea.

Tayshaun Prince-Detroit Pistons-6.3 million-3 years
Prince is the oldest person on this list, but at 32 still has some solid basketball left. I think he could be had because the Pistons just paid a high price for Corey Maggette and I would assume he is the starting SF going forward. Last year he averaged 12.7 pts a game on a mediocre 12.89 PER (which would have been right in the middle of the Kings). However, he shot 36.7% from beyond the arc which would have been second behind IT. His best asset would have to be his defense and he has excellent length. He also doesn't foul much. He has a fairly high 19.1 usage rate which he would have to cut down. I don't think he could be had for Salmons, but maybe for Thornton if they sweeten the deal (they dealt a conditional first round pick to get Maggette).

WIlson Chandler-Denver Nuggets-5.5 million-4 years
Chandler played most of last season overseas due to the lockout so I will use the previous season statistics. He is only 25, so he shouldn't have a severe drop off in production. In that year he averaged 13.2 pts a game on about 35% 3 pts shooting. He had a respectable 14.68 PER with a 18.5 usage rate. He is very good defensively with his athleticism. I do not know how much they value Chandler because they have their starting SF in Gallinari. His asking price may be high in Marcus Thornton or maybe Travis Outlaw and a 2nd round pick.

Jared Dudley-Phoenix Suns-4.25-4 years
I know that Jared Dudley has been brought up here before, and I would like to continue it. This past year he averaged 12.7 pts a game and shot 38% from 3-land. He is a career 40.9% career 3 pt shooter so I would expect that number to stay pretty high. He had a 15.48 PER on a pretty decent 16.1 usage rate. He has trouble creating his own shot, but can hit his open jump shots and plays hard and smart on D. Much like Chandler, I do not know how the Suns value Dudley. If they are trying to start over he may be had for fairly cheap, if they want to try and remain a contender it would be much harder to get. I would give up MT for him. I think its a high price to pay, (maybe get a second round pick) but it would be worth it IMO.

I know there are some other very solid SF out there, I just wanted to list a few. What do you guys think?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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