A Special Thank You to STR

Wasup Sactown Royalty,

My name is Rafael Garcia, Let me begin by giving you a quick background into my life- I go to Sac State, I work for the state and I play soccer religiously. I was born and raised in Sacramento and have been a Kings fan for as long as I can remember. Like so many other people, I was transformed into a loyal dedicated Kings fan during the glory years of Chris Webber, Jason Williams and the rest of the gang. I have been a member of STR for a little over two years. Once I found this website I immediately became hooked. Literally, I am a Sactown Royalty fiend. (continues after the jump..)

Like I said earlier I work for the state as a student assistant and I check this website on a CONSTANT basis (…so tax payers of CA, thanks for paying me to do this {if it makes you feel better I’m getting laid off in September due to the budget cuts } ). Shoot, I even have a facebook (and surprisingly it’s not blocked at work) but I can’t stand my real friends (at least on there) because all the guys ever do is put rap lyrics that they think makes them cool or deep or whatever it is their going for.. and all the girls do is put a bunch of pictures of themselves hoping everybody tells them that their cute or pretty because they are extremely insecure.

I contemplated about putting this paragraph in but decided to go ahead and do it... a couple years back I got in a lot of trouble and got sentenced to Roseville for a year (I AM NOT A GANGSTER..JUST AN IDIOT). It was a cool little program that did allow me to leave shortly to go to work and school during the days. During this year I obviously had no time for friends or a social life at all. It was a tough year but at work I was able to talk to you guys and read/talk Kings. Wow did that help me get my mind off things …sometimes people have a stronger influence in other people’s lives then they realize and you guys (and girls) are certainly in that category. You guys didn’t even know it and you all really helped me through it so thanks a ton. I would also like to mention that whole year I did miss the kings games but I recorded every single game and watched them once I could. DEDICATION hah.

Anyways I’m not really too sure the whole point of this write up, I guess it’s to give you a short background on me and just to say thank you STR friends. .I don’t even know you guys personally but sometimes I feel like I do. This website and you all take up much of my time and really help me survive during my slow days at work or sometimes even my bored nights at home. Maybe one day we can try to get a large amount of us (the ones that live close enough to make it) together at a Kings game to take a huge Sactown royalty picture. Just an idea. I really think it would separate us from the other websites.. because kings fans have truly always been in a class of their own. Thank you all


A Devoted and Avid STR member

Rafael Garcia –Yaboyrafa

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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