Ailene Voisin Talks Cousins, Maloofs, and More in Sac Bee Live Chat

July 7, 2012; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Team USA guard Kevin Durant, guard Russell Westbrook and center DeMarcus Cousins during practice at the UNLV Mendenhall Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Today Sacramento Bee reporter Ailene Voisin held a live chat where she took questions from readers. Among the topics discussed were DeMarcus Cousins, possible Kings moves, the Maloofs continued insistence that they aren't going anywhere and more. I highly recommend reading the whole chat, but below are some of the better bits, including more details on Jason Thompson's contract.

On possible trades:

The roster isn't finished yet. I know they are working on one and possible two trades. The frontcourt of Cousins and Thomas Robinson has great potential -- a few coaches here came up to me and talked about that. The Kings still need shooting and they still need a point guard.

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On Cousins' USA Basketball Experience:

DeMarcus has had an excellent camp here after a very difficult start. As you probably heard, he was throwing elbows and complaining to the referees in last Friday's first scrimmage. USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo criticized him as "immature." In retrospect, I believe Colangelo feels he overreacted. Since then, Cousins has been terrific. He was a major top of conversation with USA Basketball types last night at dinner. One USAB type told me DeMarcus was the best player on the court yesterday. Signs look really good for him for 2014.

On Cousins' weight and offseason plans:

He told me he weighs 290 pounds, which is about 10-15 pounds more than desired. He said the extra weight will be long gone by training camp. He also plans to join some of the Kings in Sacramento for informal workouts later in the month.

On DeMarcus' thoughts on the city of Sacramento:

DeMarcus loves Sacramento. He told again yesterday that he's a small town guy. He likes living close to the arena, restaurants, and, yes, the pace of living. Plus, he says there are plenty of good sushi restaurants. We know how he loves his sushi ....

On Tyreke's future:

The Kings are not extending Tyreke's contract right, but that doesn't mean they want to trade him. I think they go back and forth about him... The plan is to use him in the backcourt, sort of a hybrid two guard who handles the ball some.

On possibility of bring back Terrence Williams:

I know the Kings have had conversations with Terrence's agent, Aaron Goodwin, and I think both parties want to make it happen. Again, the Kings probably will wait to sign him until they have a better idea of what they're doing trade wise.

On Dorell Wright:

The Kings looked at everybody, and of course, Keith Smart has a good read on Dorell Wright from their time together in Golden State. The sense I got is that they don't think Wright was an enough of an upgrade.

On extending Cousins and Evans:

The plan is to max out DeMarcus Cousins when his rookie deal expires, and offer Tyreke a new contract based on his performance this season.

On the Maloofs:

Who can predict the Maloofs? Not even Commissioner Stern can predict the Maloofs - and he works for them. But I spoke with Joe and Gavin about a week ago, and just saw Joe in the gym. And he was adamant yet again. He says they are not sellling, and they're not moving. They are talking to people in Sacramento about the whole renovating/refurbishing of Power Balance Pavilion. (They own it, they operate it, it enables them to maintain control), Again, if they relocated, they would only be tenants. Same situation if the downtown arena deal had come to fruition.

On Thompson's Contract:

I believe JT signed a five-year deal, for $5-6 million per season average, with the Kings holding option on the final year for $2.5 million.

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