Fitting All of the Pieces Together

There has been a lot of discussion about how all of the new pieces fit, who needs to be traded, etc. Personally, I think we tend to look at players and combinations too narrowly so I thought it would be a good idea to try to broaden the scope of the discussion by looking at some complete lineups.

First, some assumptions:

I don't know whether Aaron Brooks will beat out Thomas to start or finish games; I am going to use them essentially interchangably.

We'll operate under the illusion we won't have injuries for the moment, of course that's not how things will play out.

Robinson is a rookie and has looked like a rookie in summer league so far. I'm operating under the assumption he's going to have a normal rookie learning curve; his progress could change things up of course.


I think its a given Johnson/JT/Cousins will be starters and that one of Brooks/IT will be on the floor close to all of the time. Subbing in PG for the Brooke/IT combo:

(1st half)

PG/Evans/Johnson/JT/Cousins (8min)

PG/Thornton/Evans/Robinson/JT (6min)

PG/Thornton/Salmons/Robinson/Hayes (4min)

PG/Fredetta/Johnson/Robinson/Cousins (6min)

(2nd half)

PG/Evans/Johnson/JT/Cousins (6min)

PG/Thornton/Evans/Robinson/Cousins (6min)

PG/Thornton/Salmons/Robinson/JT (4min)

PG/Thornton/Evans/Robinson/Cousins (2min)

PG/Evans/Johnson/JT/Cousins (6min)

That's 48min split among the PGs, which honestly might be too low, we'll probably see them together occasionally, but Thornton/Evans' minutes are the hardest to allocate so I bet we don't see it a lot.

Tyreke - 34min

Thornton - 22min (seems like too few, he'll take Fredette's minutes if Jimmer isn't good)

Johnson - 26min

JT - 30min

Cousins - 32min

Robinson - 28min

Salmons - 8min or if he sucks Thornton or Jimmer will take these

Hayes - 4min + scraps from foul trouble or if Robinson is having a tough time in a given game.

I think we'll see a small lineup at times at the expense of Robinson's minutes also at times if he struggles.

The above I think is at least a reasonable guess at how things play out. Of course injuries, training camp and the (hopeful) growth of our guys will make this change over time.

The real take away in this exercise is the additions of the last few days are going to make our guys earn their time. Thornton and Tyreke are going to compete for minutes, and Jimmer's going to have to take them from one of them if he wants more than a handful of minutes per game.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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