Amnesty provision can only be used for 7 days starting July 11th, should we?

the amnesty provision is only available for 7 days starting at the end of the July moratorium every year thru the 2015/16 season. The only players eligible on the Kings are Garcia (only this year) and Salmons. And, the provision allows the team to stretch out the payment of the contract over double the remaining years of the contract plus one.

In Garcia's case he's scheduled to make $6.1M, If no team makes an waiver offer, the Kings could spread the payment over 3 years for $2.33M a year. It would clear one roster spot and $6.1M in cap space, plus the $2.33M would still count toward our team salary. If you subtract the annual payments to payoff his contract from the cap space saved, we would add $3.8M in cap space this season.

In Salmons case, he's scheduled to make $16.5M. If no team makes a waiver offer, the Kings could spread the total payments over 5 season or $3.3M which would still count toward our team salary but free up $4.8M in cap space after subtracting his annual salary payment. That's $1M more cap space by amnestying Salmons.

If some team were to make a waiver bid for Salmons of just $1M, they would be responsible for $1M of Salmons contract over the 2 guaranteed years and the $1M of guaranteed money in his non guaranteed season. That would make the Kings responsible for $13.5M and spread over 5yrs the payments would cost $2.7M.

So, the worst case scenario is that amnestying Salmons costs us $3.3M per season over 5 years vs amnestying Garcia at $2.33M per season over three years or a difference of $9.3M. But if someone where to offer $2M to acquire Salmons, the Kings would be responsible for paying the same amount for Slamons or Garcia over the next 3 years and Salmons would only cost $4.6 more than they would pay Garcia because his stretch payment are for 2 additional seasons.

Since Cisco is an expiring contract we'll still be responsible for Salmon's full salary next season while if we amnesty Salmons and not pick up Cisco's remaining season, we'll save $14M in cap space and only have to pay Salmons $3.3M.

.So, the best case scenario to me is to Amnesty Salmons, even paying him the worst case scenario $3.3M and use the cleared cap space ($8.1M) minus the Amnesty payment ($3.3M) for a total $4.8M to sign a SF. We would still have Tyreke, Thornton Garcia and Jimmer to play the SG. If we get lucky and some team sees Salmons at $2M as a good deal, we're looking at around $14M in cap space once Garcia's contract expires and still paying Salmons his $2.3M spread out over 5yrs instead of 3yrs.

Garcia still has value as an expiring contract, while waiting until next season to amnestying Salmons if he's not going to play major minutes isn't going to save us any money and is just going to lessen our cap and ability to sign SF free agents or our ability to use cap space in trades. The best time in Now, Amnesty Salmons and try to trade Garcia's expiring contract and cap space for someone that could help the team NOW.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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