My Dream (Best Possible) Roster For the 2012-2013 Sacramento Kings

I just wanted to say I have different aspect of building a Roster for the Sacramento Kings

We all know the Kings are a young up and coming team to that is on the Verge of contending if they are given the right pieces to work with.

The Kings havent lost anyone from this roster yet if im Correct to other teams signing them. Also there's still a lot of other FA's out there that can come in and help this young team to get over the hump and maybe into the playoffs.

I personally think that Tyreke Evan will be able to guard the 1,2 and 3 with his size and speed. But i think that the Kings should go out and get Lee who is a true #2 who actually runs the floor and defend very well and can also stretch the floor very well for the starters. The Kings can actually own the paint with Cousins and Robinson down low grabbing Rebounds and being aggressive attack the basket. Which will cause for team to double either one of them down low with a cutting SF like Evan and 2 outstanding 3 point shooters in Thomas and Lee.

As for the 2nd unit, Jimmer and Thornton will be the two shooters and Thompson and Hayes will crash the boards, which will allow Williams to cut to the basket, if not they can either give it to the big men or pass it to the 3 point line where Jimmer did his damage in College and Thornton is just a pure scorer.

Starting Line-up

C- DeMarcus Cousins

PF- Thomas Robinson

SF- Tyreke Evans

SG- Courtney Lee (FA Signing)

PG- Isaiah Thomas


Bench- Jason Thompson PF

Bench- Marcus Thornton SG

Bench- Jimmer Fredette PG

Bench- Terrence Williams SF

Bench- Chuck Hayes C

Bench- John Salmons SF

Bench- Francisco Garcia SG/SF

Bench(Res)- Hassan Whiteside PF

Bench(Res)- Tyler Honeycutt SF

Bench(Res)- Tyler Outlaw SF

I dont know what you guys all think, but i think this is the best combination to get over the hump, also i would love to Add Ryan Anderson, but it seems like he is going to join the New Orleans Hornet. Gimme some ideas and some feed backs back please. It will be very helpful thanks a lot..

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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