Thoughts on Tyreke and the 3 (Separate Thoughts, I'm not putting Tyreke at the 3)

I'm going to talk about how I think Tyreke should be used and some ideas on the SF position.

It's all going to be after the jump. Enjoy.

There's something about Tyreke that I haven't seen many people talk about. What position has Tyreke played most of his life? What position was he drafted to play? What position did he play during his historic rookie season?

The answer to all of the above questions is Point Guard. So why not move him back to the position he feels most comfortable? Now there are multiple reasons why that may not be the ideal solution. The first of which is the emergence of Isaiah Thomas. Personally, I loved watching that little guy making the other teams look foolish, but is he a better PG than Tyreke, or have anywhere near the upside of Tyreke? I seriously don't think so.

The other reason why people wouldn't want Tyreke to play the point is his lack of a jumpshot. I would like to use another player who had many of the same questions after his first few season in the league. Let's call him Player A

Player A stats:
Season 1: 15.3 pts 39.8% shooting 27.1% 3 pt shooting 4.9 rbnds 5.3 ast
Season 2: 16.1 pts 41.8% shooting 22.1% 3 pt shooting 4.8 rbnds 8.0 ast
Season 3: 21.9 pts 44.2% shooting 33.0% 3 pt shooing 4.6 rbnds 8.2 ast

Now let's look at Tyreke's first three seasons

Season 1: 20.1 pts 45.8% shooting 25.5% 3 pt shooting 5.3 rbnds 5.8 ast
Season 2: 17.8 pts 40.9% shooting 29.1% 3 pt shooting 4.8 rbnds 5.6 ast
Season 3: 16.5 pts 45.3% shooting 20.2% 3 pt shooing 4.6 rbnds 4.5 ast

Both players are extremely athletic and had questions about their jump shots early in their careers. Obviously Player A figured it out and was able to shoot a respectable 33% from the arc in his third season, and even played a huge role in taking his team to the Finals. Player A is Russel Westbrook (in case you didn't guess)

Now you guys are going to bring up the point that while Westbrook improved each and every season, Tyreke has regressed every season. I know this is up for debate, but I think it largely has to do with circumstance. While Westbrook was healthy and played PG all three years, Tyreke battled plantar fascitits (SP?) his second year and played out of position his third year. I would really like to know how it would have turned out had Tyreke remained a PG all three years.

So I would like to give the starting PG role to Tyreke for this season and see where he takes us. He apparently has been working extremely hard on his jump shot, and I would hope to see lots of improvement in it. Thomas would primarily be our backup PG and when he comes in slide Tyreke to the SG spot, and that would give us an extrememly explosive back court.

As far as the 3 spot goes, (this part will be much shorter, I promise) I wouldn't mind calling up the Cavaliers and inquiring about Omri Casspi. I realize he most likely wouldn't be a starter, but I think it's possible that he could. While he was here, I really liked his game. He was extremely fun to watch and was putting up very good numbers before running hard into the proverbial rookie wall.

I doubt it would take much to get him from the Cavs (any ideas?) and he could bring back solid 3pt shooting, toughness, and solid wing defense. We would probably still need to seek more help elsewhere for the 3 spot, but having Casspi, JT, and Thomas come off the bench would be pretty exciting.

Starters- 2nd unit
Tyreke Thomas/Jimmer
Thornton Garcia
Anyone not Salmons Casspi
Robinson Whiteside
Cousins Hayes

Your Thoughts?

PS yes I know Omri wanted out of Sacramento, but he may like it better with Smart as the coach (remember it's just an idea)
PPS and because this is Tyreke's last year on his contract, and I would feel comfortable with Thomas as our PG, I would ask Tyreke to be honest and if there's no chance at resigning him try and trade him for assets (I hope he stays though)

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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