Does Grant Napear have a long lost son? Who's to blame for us not having a new Arena?

So I’ve been enjoying my summer, trying to get past the misery we were handed this past spring when the Maloofs sabotaged the arena. This past weekend I was at the Nevada County Fair, first time, and it was every bit as beautiful as advertised. Anyway, I browse the local newspaper, in Grass Valley, and caught an interesting Kings related article with quotes from the SMBH documentary guys that riled me up a bit. This from James Ham:

"The biggest thing that stuck in our heads is that the Maloofs aren't the villains in this deal," Ham said. "They had tried for 10 years to get a stadium built. They're people who are just as frustrated as anyone.

"We don't like the way they tried to sneak out to Anaheim, but that doesn't mean what they were doing wasn't right for them.

"So at the end of the day we took the approach that failure is the villain — failure to get anything done, failure to pull together as a community to get something built, to get the right people in the right places, to make some thing happen. That's the enemy."

I found the article online, but it’s behind a paywall ($1 if you want to read the whole thing): LINK

My thoughts: While everyone’s entitled to an opinion, finding this in a newspaper really disappoints me. It reminds me of Grant Napear - a bit of revisionist history mixed in with some protecting your paycheck/access somehow. The Maloofs aren’t villains in this? Really!? Saying otherwise continues to play into their hands, bolstering their next attempt to play victim when they AGAIN try to move the team.

Also, it ignores the facts to say the only villain here is failure itself. The NBA negotiated that deal on their behalf and deemed it a fair one! Either the NBA is at fault for supposedly trying to deceivingly induce the Maloofs into a ruinous bad deal, or the Maloofs are for killing what 3 parties agreed was a good one. A lot of the failure I’ve witnessed in this saga going back 10 years (they never took a leadership role, always said 'wherever city wants it', storming out of a city council meeting, and 2006's Q&R to name a few), points to the Maloofs, and isolating to what’s happened in the last year - ALL Maloofs.

I’m a little worried that we are going to be blitzed with this "turn a blind eye", pro Maloof PR material, from people who the public considers influential. Look, the only thing that repairs the Maloofs’ image in my eyes is an in writing, long term commitment to Sacramento via a new arena lease. If the team finally leaves, they most definitely are the villains. And I’m someone that renewed my season ticket spend for next season.


Had a good, long phone conversation with Ham, as he was gracious enough to talk to me personally. Can't imagine many media people would take the time to do that. All I can say is that the article itself doesn't necessarily reflect his current views and he says that he is strictly referring to the mindset he had when originally making his film which is showing tonight at the Crest. I didn't intend or want for this to invite personal attacks on him from others, but rather use it for a focussed attack/debate on the perceived stream of media droppings that downplay the Maloofs' majority share of responsibility in arena failures. While I disagree with the notion that placing blame isn't important right now and that the Maloofs are merely equal partners in the arena failures going back to the very beginning, I admit guilt in the sensationalism of using the Grant Napear references to get eyeballs. So I gladly take any heat you want to throw my way for that. Read the all comments below to get the full context as to why I made this update.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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