Biggest Disappointment: The Maloofs

April 26, 2012; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings owners Phil Maloof, George Maloof, and Gavin Maloof sit court side during the second quarter against the Los Angeles Lakers at Power Balance Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

To be a Kings fan is to know disappointment. When Tom first told us of this week's theme, Aykis responded "we could do a whole week on disappointment." And it's true. Webber's knee. Peja's back. The 1980s. The Western Conference Finals. We know disappointment.

But when it comes to the biggest disappointment, I can only think of one thing. The Maloofs.

But I can't even really write it out.

We all know the story by now. From Measures Q&R, to Anaheim, to Grant and Jerry crying on air, to torpedoing the Railyards agreement. The Maloofs have successfully destroyed our hope again and again and again.

When rumors popped up that the Kings might try to relocate to Virginia Beach, the first reaction was a "you can't be serious" fit of laughter. That was immediately followed by thoughts of "Well, it is the Maloofs, anything is possible."

The Maloofs are the laughingstock of league owners, a group that includes a racist slumlord.

Try to find a single review of the Kings offseason that doesn't mention the franchise's future uncertainty. Hell, go back and find an offseason review for the past three years that doesn't include mention of it. They've taken away our ability to focus simply on basketball.

The Maloofs have held a city hostage, and then asked for more when we met their ransom.

This shouldn't be a post about the Maloofs. Our franchise's biggest disappointment should be Game 7. It should be something on the court. It should be the moment when we were this close to going to the NBA Finals. But the Maloofs have ruined even that.

You can get past losses, no matter how painful they are. You can get past them because there's always tomorrow. There's always another season, always another draft pick, always another shot. But the Maloofs have stolen that. The team isn't relocated. The team hasn't filed for relocation. But the intent is clear. The intent is steal that hope for our future.

The Maloofs came to Sacramento and brought hope. Hope of owners who would spend and support the team and bring a title to Sacramento. That was the promise. Now they're the harbingers of our pain.

Nothing on the basketball court can compare. The Maloofs are clearly the biggest disappointment in the history of the Sacramento Kings.

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