A Good Way to Spread the Word!! (Space Jam) - Posters, JPEGS

I was at the gym earlier, thinking of ways to really spread the word and think of a catchy way to get people to promote this upcoming battle for our team that is here. Right here and right now on our doorstep. And there needs to be some light to get people going and inspire a few chuckles while boosting morale.

And I started along this line - take it for what it's worth, and humor me. I might have a screw or two loose:

We keep talking about how this is like Major League, right? But what if we spread the word through posters that are reminiscent of a much more "inspiring" movie, that for what it's worth, is basketball related?

Due to the posters, and the great parts that can be assigned to real life individuals, I suggest Space Jam. With the creative talent here at STR, I bet we could get some pretty amazing images/posters to spread around the site, interwebz, social media.

For instance: Kevin Johnson - Michael Jordan

Carmichael Dave - Bill Murray

George Maloof - Danny Devito's character

Hansen, Ballmer, Joe, Gavin, Seattle Mayor (interchangeable) - Monstars

STR members - such as Ziller, Aykis, G-Wiss, Heuristic Lineup, and so forth as the main Looney Tunes (You guys can argue over who represents who. That's not on me)

Here are some of the posters I saw that I think some great work could be done:







So just a suggestion. I think this could have the potential to be something that is humorous, gives some hope for a fight that might look hopeless, but we can win, and isn't directly insulting another fanbase (Not completely. Monstars can be a good th - . Well...maybe not).

Plus, the red and black posters could be redone in Purple/White or Purple/Black/White.



Just a thought, and I hope this or something else takes off and benefits this team. Let's fight on!


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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