#PurpleAndBlackout - February 9th

Now, I don't have much of a platform, being just one diehard Kings fan, but I have an idea. And I would like to share it with all of you.

February 9th is #HereWeBuy Night. Our Sacramento Kings are going to play the Utah Jazz, to an audience consisting of NBATV and News10. And we're going to ROCK Sleep Train Arena to show WHY Sacramento deserves to keep the Kings. It has also been recently revealed that the Kings are going to sport retro uniforms from the mid-1990's, the half-purple, half-black checkerboarded side panel uniforms. Given this is a night about preserving the Sacramento Kings, I find it rather apropriate they will be wearing the alternate uniforms from when we rattled Seattle in 1996.

Now to my idea.

Does anyone remember the playoffs last year when the Oklahoma City Thunder fans did THIS?





I thought this was immensely cool. What if, WHAT IF, we could replicate this awesome display of unity and support from a fan base? All black in one section. All purple in the next. Black. Purple. Black. Purple. Just like the uniforms. The symbolism is perfect.

There are 48 sections at Sleep Train Arena. I would imagine roll call could go something like this:



Section 101 - BLACK

Section 102 - PURPLE

Section 103 - BLACK

Section 104 - PURPLE

Section 105 - BLACK

Section 106 - PURPLE

Section 107 - BLACK

Section 108 - PURPLE

Section 109 - BLACK

Section 110 - PURPLE

Section 111 - BLACK

Section 112 - PURPLE

Section 113 - BLACK

Section 114 - PURPLE

Section 115 - BLACK

Section 116 - PURPLE

Section 117 - BLACK

Section 118 - PURPLE

Section 119 - BLACK

Section 120 - PURPLE

Section 121 - BLACK

Section 122 - PURPLE

Section 123 - BLACK

Section 124 - PURPLE

Section 201 - PURPLE

Section 202 - BLACK

Section 203 - PURPLE

Section 204 - BLACK

Section 205 - PURPLE

Section 206 - BLACK

Section 207 - PURPLE

Section 208 - BLACK

Section 209 - PURPLE

Section 210 - BLACK

Section 211 - PURPLE

Section 212 - BLACK

Section 213 - PURPLE

Section 214 - BLACK

Section 215 - PURPLE

Section 216 - BLACK

Section 217 - PURPLE

Section 218 - BLACK

Section 219 - PURPLE

Section 220 - BLACK

Section 221 - PURPLE

Section 222 - BLACK

Section 223 - PURPLE

Section 224 - BLACK

What section are YOU sitting in? Now spead the word. Let's make this a thing. Use #PurpleAndBlackout. Just like the Kings marketing has been telling us, lets make this a night for the ages.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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