Nuggets 121, Kings 93: Insert Recap from Last 10 Blowout Losses to Denver Here

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Denver blew out the Kings once again, this time on the back of Ty Lawson and Andre Iguodala. The Kings were outscored by double digits in two quarters and 8 in another.

Ever since the Carmelo Anthony trade, Denver has had Sacramento's number in a big way:

Jan. 26, 2013: Denver 121, Sacramento 93
Dec. 16, 2012: Denver 122, Sacramento 97
Mar. 5, 2012: Denver 119, Sacramento 116
Jan. 25, 2012: Denver 122, Sacramento 93
Jan. 4, 2012: Denver 110, Sacramento 83
Apr. 1, 2012: Denver 99, Sacramento 90
Mar. 30, 2012: Denver 104, Sacramento 90

That's an average margin of victory of 19.3 points. This Kings team does not play or matchup well with this Denver team, who is also young and even more athletic (not to mention skilled). The game was pretty much over after the first quarter, in which the Kings gave up 39 points.

There's not much to say about such a pummeling but here's a few points:

  • Tyreke Evans hit both of his threes tonight, putting his three point total for the year at 16 for 41, or 39%. That's a remarkably good number for someone who is such a poor shooter historically. It is a small sample size, but that's due to a couple of factors: one, Evans has missed 13 games this year, a bit more than a quarter of the season so far. Two, Evans is being far more selective in which three pointers he does take, taking a career low 1.4 attempts a game. He's a good spot-up shooter, and those are the threes he takes. He is still a terrible off-the-dribble shooter, but it's nice to see some area of his shooting show improvement.
  • Another double double for Thomas Robinson, who has come into his own this past month off the bench. He's rebounding like a freak lately, which is exactly what he was known for in college.
  • Probably the first truly bad game for Cousins since he came back from his suspension. Hopefully it's just a bump in the road for him and he gets back on track.

For the opponent's perspective, visit Denver Stiffs

1 2 3 4 Total
Sacramento Kings 25 24 20 24 93
Denver Nuggets 39 32 30 20 121

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