Arena sites - Downtown Plaza vs. Railyards

I originally had tried to focus on the bigger issue of keeping the Kings as primary focus over concerns about which site downtown would work better. While it is true that you probably can't have a discussion of site before you even know if you can keep your team, it's becoming more clear that a solid arena plan might be a make or break issue when comparing the offers between Sacramento and Seattle.

Foremost of my concerns is that the $255 million city contribution remain unchanged. Since this was a key factor in the Railyards deal, it needs to be protected. The arena staying at the Railyards site would seem to keep that intact.

Moving the site to east end Downtown Plaza (DTP) means constructing the arena on the site where city owns 1,920 parking spaces. Reducing the number of available spaces up for concession and thus possibly reducing the 255 million value of the concession significantly. Or does it?

Currently of the 5,144 spots located within the 5 blocks walking distance of the Railyards arena site, those 1,920 are of prime concern. That's 37% of parking spots that would be considered of higher revenue generating to a parking vendor. Uh oh...

But as the site moves to DTP, more city owned garages start falling easily within the 5 block radius of the proposed site. Adding the Capitol & City Hall garages while retaining all of the parking garages outside of the DTP East garage. I think you can factor in a likely new premium parking on the DTP East site to share with the arena. Which can offset the net loss of garage spaces by charging premium rates for attached venue parking. Of which that parking vendor needs to get a good taste.

So overall they may lose some garage spaces, but in my opinion they actually increase in value per a space. Hopefully enough to keep that $255 million whole.

The challenge here is time. Those parking bid estimates from vendors would have to be studied and revised to make the April BOG meetings. I think it's worthwhile though because the DTP site is ideal for creating the almost immediate type of benefits that organizations like Crown Downtown has been talking about.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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