I'm not buying this what so ever

The greatness of DMC. DMC has been playing the way we expected him to have BEEN playing. He is rebounding great, scoring well, and even dropping a few dimes all the while NOT acting crazy. You know, taking swings at players, yelling/swearing at coaches, "aggressively" approaching broadcasters, punching players in the crotch. DMC has really just shut the hell up and just played basketball. Which is what all of us (even everyone on the team i'm sure) want(s) as well. But a big question still linger in the back of all of our minds.

1) How long will this last? - how long until DMC comes back to earth and bitches about something and does something crazy again? I think this 1 question is the reason why there are still some trade rumors

To be honest, I really believe the reason why DMC has been playing crazy, out of his mind, and shutting the hell up while doing it, lately is simple. His agent told him to. His agent told him to, to get his trade value up so someone would offer a lot for him and it would make the Kings look crazy to not do it. It seems like DMC is 100% over playing in SacTown. SacTown is a small place with not much to do, while DMC is a HUGE person/personality that needs to be in a big time city. (or at least he feels this way). I believe that DMC has decided to "play his way out of a kings uniform"

I know call me crazy. But he has already asked for a trade, He changed his agent to one that has issues with the guy who decides if he goes or not. I believe the plan in DMC's camp is to shut-up, play big-boy basketball and get traded who feels they can "fix" DMC. Though many of you would feel (esp. the way he is playing now) that we can't trade him! Now that he has "shut-up and played" well again, how long will that last? ESPECIALLY if he's still in a Kings uniform?

teams throwing multiple picks/players at us for DMC?

- Say, Asik, Delfino, Picks/DMC, Garcia

IT22/Reke/Delfino/JT/Asik ?

- This is just one example

- But then again i still think Jimm3r/Reke/Salmon/Hayes/DMC - would be our best, most balanced line up, and

having It22/Brooks/JJ/Tr0b/JT would do wonders as our 2nd unit simply because of all of the energy as well as the speed of IT22/Brooks would be tough to deal with

*also I wouldn't mind trade DMC, I think Reke is our building block, the league a is Guard driven league (when was the last time a PF/C was MVP? KG?)

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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