The Sixth Man Rises

I admit it. I'm starting to feel a little spoiled as a Kings fan. Granted, the bar hasn't been low, the Maloofs set it on the ground and did a little dance of ineptitude on it. So the fact that a new ownership team makes me feel spoiled isn't surprising, but I feel overly spoiled. I'm so geeked up.

I live in Indiana but have my plane tickets and game tickets to game one. I can't wait. I can't wait for the sight. I can't wait for the sound. I can't wait for the fury. I can't wait for the thunder.

I flew out for "Here We Buy II" and I was expecting the old Arco Thunder. But alas, it just wasn't quite what I watched over league pass in that game against the Jazz. The game where the Jazz broadcasters were literally in awe of you, the Sixth Man. They gushed for over an hour as their Jazz were being used sweat mops on the floor about how no team could be expected to compete in such an arena. As Kfipp pointed out in his marvelous post about the Sixth Man and noise, it's amazing how we've been forgotten.

The SeaChickens may have the 12th Man, but we are the Sixth Man. We were the super power that convinced a doubtful C-Webb he had only one home, who beckoned to Shaq the free agent, who took an average team and made it invincible on it's own floor. Times have changed. We have been down. We have been beaten. We have been humiliated. But we will rise.

As the inmates chanted "Rise Rise Rise" to Bruce Wayne as he climbed from that hopeless pit, my dreams are haunted as you chant "Sac-Ra-Mento" at ear splitting decibels. Most especially, I'll admit it, "BEAT LA BEAT LA BEAT LA". I can't wait to hear it again. My hope is that Sacramento is breaking it's own, new record on that nationally televised game. That ESPN is once again putting the arena in Sacramento back at the top of it's list of places no one wants to play--except the home team.

I want my Arco Thunder back. I know I'll get it.

Still, I'm not satisfied, I want another surprise, another spoilage. I want the new arena to be christened Arco III. Not because I love their gas. But because the United Center and Wrigley Field have nothing to do with the sponsors who gave their name. And because Arco Thunder is a real thing. And I want it back.

I'll be Maloofed if I let the name Sleep Train Pavilion slip into obscurity. When no one else would, Sleep Train put their mark on our community and pitched in where they could. My dream is Arco III, a shining beacon fusing the best technology with the world while showcasing the best community venue in the world. With a pavilion, just off to the side, that can be opened up for larger crowds. An indoor/outdoor technological marvel. What else could that pavilion be called by Sleep Train Pavilion?

So those are my dreams. Arco III joined by Sleep Train Pavilion (it's outside, so maybe it'd have a mattress store!). But most of all I look forward to the rise of a broken super hero. A legend defeated. The Sixth Man.


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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