Trades Kings could consider during the 2013-14 Season

I've put together some trades I think could benefit the Kings and possibly some other teams around the league.Now let's to get to it.

Kings send Jimmer Fredette to Cleveland in exchange for Tyler Zeller

Cleveland reportedly wanted Jimmer earlier this summer.Either those were false reports or the two teams just weren't able to work out a deal.Zeller could develop into a solid center next Cousins or just be that backup center the Kings could be desperately looking if Thompson happens to get hurt.Even now we could use a true center to backup Cousins.

A trade very similar to the last one: Jimmer to Brooklyn for Mason Plumlee

Plumlee hasn't even played a minute in an NBA game yet but he did show some serious potential in the Orlando Summer League and if I remember correctly he put up a double-double against Andre Drummond.Plumlee has the athleticism to become a phenomenal shot blocker,defender,and rebounder in the NBA which is something the Kings could use very badly.It's all raw potential as of now but I think this Kings organization has the right tools to develop players much better than in the past.

Kings send Marcus Thorton to Chicago for Tony Snell and Kirk Hinrich.

Kings wanted Snell and expressed a lot of interest for him over the pre-draft workouts and many Kings fans thought we might even trade back and take him in the draft because of the way people around the organization had talked about him.Bulls lack scoring at SG and if Deng leaves after this year there going to need somebody to help Jimmy Butler on the wing.Not to mention MT is a big-shot-maker and they could use someone like that in the playoffs other than DRose.

Kings acquire Amir Johnson Toronto receives Thompson and Jimmer

Raptors are in lack of depth at PG and Jimmer would add some scoring off that bench and Thompson would fit nice next to Valancuinas.Kings get Amir Johnson to try and see if he could fit next to Cousins or be a backup center.JT and Johnson's contracts are about the same except Johnson's contract is only through 2014-15 season at 7 mil that year but only 5 guaranteed and 6 million this year.

Kings trade Thompson,MT to Philadelphia for Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young

Thompson could pair nicely next to Noel in the future and his contract is less than Young's by 3 million but guaranteed at least a year longer.Outlaw is just a throw in because of cap issue and Jimmer would be able to play next to MCW in the starting lineup there.Young's contract is 8 and 9 million these next two years but he's an upgrade over Thompson and if management isn't high on PPatt we might go for a trade like this.

And finally the last trade: Jason Thompson to Minnesota in exchange for Derrick Williams(Before season or very early in season)

Minnesota gets a combo 1st big off the bench.They really need more depth at PF/C and that's what Thompson will bring them.Yes we let Thompson go but we bring a high energy guy in Williams that will compete for minutes this year and possibly years to come.Williams would likely challenge Patterson and if he has a better year than Patterson we can say good-bye to PPatt.

My two favorite trades that I really hope happen are(they won't happen if I'm predicting them) the Brooklyn trade and Chicago trade.Plumlee has serious potential.If we make that trade with Chicago that would mean McLemore is proving he can be our SG of the future.We also acquire an extra 2014 pick in a loaded draft and we get Snell who might be able to play SF for us in the future or just be a key piece to this team's future success if we land our SF of the future in the 2014 draft.I also really like the trade with Minnesota as well.

The Philly trade is a little lopsided I must say.If Turner improves on his last season then Philly would probably like to keep him but if he regresses even just a little the Kings wouldn't want him either.He would have to have very very similar numbers to last year if the Kings were to get him.

Yes, I get that Jimmer is involved in almost everyone of these trades.I am in no way a Jimmer hater its just Sacramento is a bad situation for him considering he's the 5th guard and the Kings like McCallum better anyway so why not do him a favor and let him go to another team and acquire something else that could be valuable to us.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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