STR, Cowbell Kingdom, SacBee & Other News sites

So these are the different sources that I go to get my kings fix, rated by how much I enjoy them. (Full disclosure, also to get my Jimmer Fix, yes I'm a Jimmer fan transplanted to ya'll with his acquisition)

Primary - Here at Sactown Royalty

Secondary - Cowbell Kingdom

Tertiary - Sacbee/Kings

Quaternary - News 10 Post game comments

Quinary - Espn Rumours, Truehoop, & Grantland

Senary - Twitter, following the authors of above sources sometimes gets you things you miss in the websites

Septenary - A royal pain

Of those sources I wanted to list my favorite authors. Notes, I like entertaining authors but also I like people that I feel are fair, and intelligent... so here goes... and I'd love for ya'll to chime in on who you like, and what you like.

STR - Ziller, the guy doesn't post as much as he used too, but his posts are just as good as any news source out there, and he is really intelligent and fair in what he writes, I dig him. I'd put him up against any of the others and probably win at double the kings FG%

The other guys at STR, are good don't get me wrong, but I come to STR for quantity, and the threads. You learn a lot and some posters are just awesome with details, that's why this is my first place to come for information. Just a really well run fancentric site, if Jimmer get's traded I am going to seriously miss how awesome this site is, and how cool the REAL KINGS fans are. I am an NBA fan primarily, and I hit a lot of NBA sites, and this one is seriously awesome.

The podcast needs some work IMO, but keep at it, you're bound to get better.

In general STR is the best place to be a fan and feel like you're involved. The threads are easy to scroll through, the personalities are awesome, I feel like I'm hanging out with ya'll at a bar, and there is no-one in my life that likes NBA basketball like I do, so ya'll feel like friends.

Cowbell Kingdom - James Ham, dude is such a professional and I really like the way he looks at things, I'd still take a good Ziller article over his, but Ham is the man. Santiago is also good, and he's a nice foil to Ham, but I find I like Ham's articles more. Also their podcasts and video post games are awesome, I look forward to more of them.

Sacbee - Ailene Voisin - I really love her articles and just wish there were more of them. She is very insightful and even in interviews you can tell she asks great questions and has the coaches respect. I really don't like Jason Jones, his writing IMO leaves a lot to be desired.

News 10 - Their video is unedited, so for a guy that is a League passer and can't get any post games etc. They are the best at letting me see those insights.

Grantland - Articles at Grantland are very good, and well written, it isn't an immediate news source but it is a literary source that is pretty current. I adore Zach Lowe dude is so bright, and I feel like I learn every time I read one of his articles. I also really enjoy the Sports Guy, he's funny (but way biased). If you're into music I also love Steve Hyden who writes for Grantland. There are a lot of writers I don't like that much on Grantland, but

Zach Lowe for NBA,

The Sports Guy when he is talking about something I care about, and then...

anything Chuck Klosterman writes I will read whether I care about what he is writing about or not.

In general Grantland is a great place to go.

ESPN - They are a great source for immediate news, STR, CK, and SB all beat them out as far as breaking kings news. So ESPN is mostly for news about other teams, and if you want to aggregate newspapers from all over the place Truehoop's first cup is great for getting to the local news sources cherry picked for good NBA articles.

Twitter - I am really a twitter hater, but sometimes you get quips with good insight, I find players almost never give you anything good, it is all hashed through their image control folks, but the people that report the news are great to follow. All of the guys at STR I follow, the Bee and CK guys, I also follow Adrian Wojnarowski (However you say his name)

A royal pain - Seems to me it is just a super fan wanting all of his comment in one place. I like his opinion for the most part, but feel it is a little redundant with the other choices available.

If their are any great sources I am missing or authors I should be aware of I'd love to hear it. Any comments are welcome.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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