NBA positional Power Rankings: Shooting Guard

A few weeks ago, I posted a tiered rankings list of all the point guards in the NBA. I am proud to present the sequel: Shooting Guards.

Tier 1: The Elite 1: James Harden Kobe injured. Wade regressing. Joe Johnson aging. Andre Iguodala playing SF. Of all the shooting guards in the NBA, we are left with only one who can be considered elite. James Harden, a mastermind of scoring, who's defense leaves much to be desired. Clearly the weakest position in the NBA.

Tier 2: The Borderlines 2: Monta Ellis 3: Klay Thompson 4: Kevin Martin 5: Bradley Beal 6: DeMar DeRozan 7: Aaron Afflalo "In a world, where Kevin Martin is among the top five at his position..." These guys are the next best thing. They all have considerable drawbacks, and none of them are stars. However, if you're looking for a high quality 2-guard, these are your guys.

Tier 3: The "Pretty Good" crowd 8: Dwyane Wade 9a: Eric Gordon 9b: Tyreke Evans 10: Joe Johnson 11: O.J. Mayo 12: Wesley Matthews 13: Jamal Crawford 14: J.J. Redick 15: Jimmy Butler 16: Gerald Henderson A class consisted of has-beens, wannabes, chuckers and one-dimensional specialists. Dwyane Wade's game is declining at a very fast rate, and while he could have been considered elite even a year ago, those days are behind him. A similar story applies to Joe Johnson.

Tier 4: The Role players 17: Lance Stephenson 18: Iman Shumpert 19: Tony Allen 20: Rodney Stuckey 21: Nick Young 22: James Anderson 23: Gary Neal 24: Danny Green 25: Manu Ginobli 26: Jordan Crawford 27: Randy Foye 28: Vince Carter 29: Anthony Morrow 30a: Thabo Sefolosha 30b: Terrence Ross Nothing special here. A few guys, such as Shumpert and Stephenson, have the potential to move up tiers, but most of these players are washed and outliving their usefulness or simply aren't very good.

Tier 5: We're in the NBA? Sweet. 31: Courtney Lee 32: C.J. Miles 33: Jodie Meeks 34: Marco Bellineli 35: Alan Anderson 36: Jason Terry 37: Orlando Johnson 38: Evan Fournier The name of the class says it all. None of these players are very productive and few should stick around the league much.

Tier A: The Rooks R1: Ben Mclemore R2: Victor Oladipo R3: Archie Goodwin R4: Tim Hardaway Jr. R5: Jamaal Franklin R6: Ricky Ledo R7: Glen Rice Jr. R8: Allen Crabbe R9: Carrick Felix

Tier M: Marcus Thornton Ugh.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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