Greivis Vasquez wakes up to the Kings reality

I'm so glad Vasquez took all those shots. I hope he starts to put up the ball 15 plus times a game, he is a good shooter, always has been, I hope he does not take a step back.

Vasquez needs to make a decision to protect his future, if he has a good stat year the guy will get paid by a good team even as a backup.

Greivis Vasquez needs to stop playing like he's walking on egg shell and quit worrying about who he passes the ball to, simple concept of a good passing offense, if you are open you get the ball no matter what your name is, and if they are not, take the shot.

I feel that Vasquez has really tried hard to be the team guy and let others have their days, he is always trying to get to ball to someone, but not everybody is on the same page.

I don't see many players moving, setting screens and when they do get an open shot they usually miss, then as always IT comes in and shoots fifteen plus times and becomes the hero because he brings them back.

Last nights game against the Lakers, Greivis Vasquez was on his way to the same dead end game, no scoring, no assist and out at the eight minute mark of the first quarter, of course that is the normal rotation, but something happed right before he was to come out, he decided to be Mr. Thomas and take some shots , he took four in a row and made all of them.

Of course by now we all know the script, if he would of not taken all those shots , Mr. Thomas would of come in and throw the ball up 15 plus and all Kings fans would of started to nominate him to the hall of fame.

The culture of the team is actually very selfish, Coach Malone used the word selfish, let me say it again, Coach Malone said the word selfish, not me, and I agree with him. That is not going to change in one season my friends.

I think the Kings would be better served by bringing back McCallum , get him playing as Mr. Thomas backup, trade Jimmer, Vasquez and see if they can dump a few others and get ready for next year.

Vasquez can do the same thing Thomas does in this offence, but that is not going to help this team win more games, they need to get everybody involved, honestly I don’t see that happening with this group.

As for the defensive side, I took a look at five Kings games yesterday (last five) and actually they all get beat about the same rate, this team does not play TEAM defense.

This is not a bad team, with a few pieces (some good forwards) you got a contender.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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