Scandal Erupts as Isaiah Thomas Revealed not to be a Pizza Guy



The Sacramento Kings organization, the sports community as well as the Pizza Guy brotherhood were all left stunned and betrayed as it was revealed that the popular young point guard Isaiah Thomas is not, and has never been a pizza guy. This stunning revelation came out after documents were found showing evidence that he was actually a "Taco Dude". Despite Thomas' best efforts to hide these documents, the truth did come out. The Pizza Guys company released the following statement following these statement in response to this shocking discovery.



"What kind of guy is Isaiah Thomas? A liar. A thief. A fraud. Pizza Guys prides itself in keeping a positive image around the community, so when we find out that our face is not what it seems, it hurts. When we approached Mr. Thomas two years ago about this ad campaign, he looked us all straight in the eye and assured us that he was a Pizza Guy. We feel played. We feel used, and most of all, we feel hurt."

Isaiah also released his own statement.

"While I wish I could tell you that these allegations are false, I have to stop lying to you. Not only am I not a Pizza Guy, but I never have been a Pizza Guy. When I came into the league, I worked so hard to show that I was more than the last pick in the draft, and in the process I lost who I was. I do not deserve the title of Pizza Guy, and I accept any outcome that comes from this."

The fallout from this egregious situation is expected to be seen for months, as the Kings organization scrambles over what to do. While most are staying quiet on the matter, Malone had a few words.

"We will see what information comes out, and decide what to do from there, until then, I can't say anything," Kings Coach Mike Malone Said.

"It's tough, to be honest I do not think he should be allowed to play anymore. While he is my teammate, I just don't think someone like that deserves minutes. Hopefully someone else can step up and take his spot in the rotation." an unnamed teammate, and former BYU star said of the situation.



The fallout is not just coming from the basketball world, however, as people from all over the spotlight chimed in.




League officials are reportedly meeting in order to decide what the proper punishment is in this situation, but one thing Isaiah Thomas can expect, is an Extra Large dose of karma with an extra helping of justice.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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