Dear Coach Malone

Dear Coach

It's five games after opening night, and all games are lost. It's okay for me as we are in a long rebuilding process and the current roster is hard to fix in just one offseason.

I'm not a basketball expert, I didn't watch much live games and I live in Asia with crappy timezone. I haven't touch a basketball for years and I ran marathon instead. I know a bit of X and Os of basketball tactics and plays but I'm no professional like your excellent coaching staffs. I'm not even knowledgeable than this beautiful site of STR with good staffs and great guys here.

The team is improving in defense, the team gets some passion back with great stability. Hell we finally got a proper team and we have you, as our great coach. Thank you again to come to Sacramento.

You got Big Cuz mostly in check and played like the best center in the league. And he ran back of defense.

You got Isaiah and Gervis having a healthy competitive relationship, which is really nice as we had awful guys before that burn down when competing the starting spot (Thornton and Evans, Kenny Thomas and Shreef Adul-Rahim, Jason Thompson and a lot of other PFs, Isaiah and a couple of PGs).

You got a good rookie in Ben McLemore and he is willing to take it all in to help the team.

But things must change, like you said in post game interview. Things must change.

Here's what I think, it's just observation and advise that I think you have seen it immediately as you are closer to the team than me as I'm half a globe away.

Change the staters.

Of course it's not Big Cuz (haha, nobody in their mind would anyway) or Gervis (still slow after his injury but he seems to be getting it, plus he scores pretty nicely here and there and does contribute).

Salmons, Thornton and Patterson must be off the starting lineup.

Patterson looks very "DeMarcus" this couple of games in terms of defensive intensity. His shots selection are not good, and doesn't seems to rebound or post well. I know those are his weak spots as he's a stretch four, but a stretch four that can't shoot the ball well? Oh jeez....

Salmons seems to be clueless. Yes he does zip through the other teams defense a time or two, but he's just clueless, CLUELESS.....I don't know what he's doing or what he does well. He seems to play defense well but then he doesn't; seems to pass the ball well and damnit another turnover; seems to shoot the ball well and then became Ron Artest(bricks). Urggghhhhh, look at his FG%....

But the worst of all, the so called BU bomber....the so called clutch shooter in the team, the so call Marcus Thornton. What in the hell name is he doing there. Is that Ron Artest or what? He just brick time after time after time. He's a goddamn shooter, but he always can't get a rhythm. We need offense and he gave none, we don't expect him on defense and he gave some.....WHAT!!?? Is that why he's on the lineup?

The Kings seems to not able to score the basketball. It's okay for me, IT and Big Cuz can make lights out the court every now and then. 3rd and 4th quarter comeback runs seems to be easy for this team, so offense is not really a problem.

Those 3 are, so please bench them coach.

Your loyally fan across the Pacific


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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