Back-Up Point Guard, Who Wants It?

I am not gonna get all up in everyone's business about my opinion of who should be playing or who shouldn't be. What I want to do is lay out the stats for all to see. Ray McCallum vs. Jimmer Fredette... I will make a few comments about what I think about each statistic and the rest is up to you.. Extremely Small Sample size for McCallum... Sorry Ray.... You're a rook and you don't want to compare college stats A) Superstar in College doesn't=Superstar in NBA... and B) well you probably couldn't go against tougher collegiate competition...

So here goes... I just want to take what we know about each player and put their stats out for all to see... Fredette's 2012-13 Vs. Ray McCallum's (EXTREMELY SMALL SAMPLE SIZE) D-League extravaganza.

Stats Per 36 min.

Fredette: 18.4 Pts, 3.4 assists, 2.7 Rebounds, .9 steals, 2.5 TO's.............................**Opposition: NBA Bench / Starters

McCallum: 20.84 Pts, 3.5 assists, 4.7 Rebounds,1.23 steals, 2.52 TO's.................**Opposition: NBA D-League

.......... McCallum is ahead slightly Per 36 min however we will try to take all asterisks into account... later...

Shooting Percentages: Per:36 min.

Fredette: FGA: 15.2, FGM:6.4,= FG% 42.1.... 3ptFGA:5.8, 3ptFGM:2.4, 3pt% 41.7%.... Ft% 85.9.........NBA

McCallum: FGA: 17.4, FGM: 7.9, FG%45.4... 3ptFGA: 4.1, 3ptFGM: 1.2, 3pt% 30.8%... FT% 66.7.......D-League

Defense: Now this is a category where I couldn't find much on McCallum but ... without an asterisk I will give him a slight edge... (athleticism doesn't equate to defense) .... but since we haven't seen him defend... I kind of have a hard time giving any real edge... Fredette has visably improved on Defense.. but it has become a stigma with him.. and as long as he is on the floor the best players will try to isolate against him... maybe not because he is the teams worst defender anymore (may still be with GV gone) but simply because they believe he is..

Things I see.... I may be blind...

First of all, McCallum has looked solid in his Reno performances... Now he isn't getting the assists I was hoping for but whether its not trusting his D-League teammates (they are playing D-Leaguers) or simply just trying to score in volume I dont know... but honestly... when you go to the D-League you have to look like a man amongst boys or you are never getting out, so you better score or be 7'10. His point production is solid and gives merit to giving him a real shot against the real deal holyfields(NBA).... His 3pt percentage isn't great and it isn't terrible. Quite frankly I would put him as an average 3pt shooter amongst guards and I would say his jumper is silky and above average. McCallum's body language has been pretty solid so far, I like that he is kind of a bulldog and seems to have an attitude on the court, "if you want to be the best, you better think you are the best".. I would categorize McCallum as solid scorer, solid creator, solid rebounder for his size, strong, good jumpshot, needs to polish 3.... good floor presence...

On to Fredette, after a pretty solid pre-season I really felt he had inched his way into the contention with Thornton for a fair shot at minutes.. He has since played in six games.. Averaging somewhere around 12 minutes... His stats have been good one game and not good another. He hasn't really had the explosions he seemed to have last season about 1 out every 5 games... I equate this to rust and inconsistent minutes (remember when Isaiah struggled last year when he was getting jerked around, this happens to players). So to really get an idea of what he is as a player I had to use last years stats, from there we really get to understand where Fredette is. His defense this season seems to be average which is a massive upgrade! His handle, better, I have not seen him once have trouble bringing up the ball and that coupled with falling into traps were the main struggles prior to this season (he has always been able to get into the lane). Fredette is a lights out shooter and a solid creator, he is actually a fairly good passer and his rebounds seemed to have improved mightily this season.. (very small sample). What I would categorize Fredette as at this stage of his career is dynamo scorer who gets scored upon as well... BIG BBALL IQ.. not selfish enough at times... needs more IT in him... wants to run the offense too much sometimes... just shoot, or penetrate and dish... unless you have Dcuz in.

Ok, ok, so I gave some observations that were slightly opinionated (i like both guys)... But here are my grades and you are welcome to write below and give yours... I did take into account asterisks for both players and I will explain my reasoning behind those at the bottom.

Offensive Firepower: Shooting/Scoring

Fredette: A- great scorer with limitations.... can't jump over you, nice arrangement of shots... can really play either guard position.

McCallum: B Solid ballhandler, penetrates well, sick jumpshot, good athlete.. 3pt shot needs work to fully utilize penetration ability... he is not isaiah quick, without a deep threat teams will sag off him and prevent penetration.

Playmaking Ability:

I curved this one a little, I think both are a C+ statistically but I think given consistent teammates (McCallum) and consistent minutes at PG (Fredette) both would have improved assists and possibly turnovers (hard to tell with McCallum against D-Leaguers and Fredette playing alot of SG)

Fredette: B has become a craftier ball handler, his deep threat allows him to get into lane usually at will, is very willing passer and does a great job leading the break / making decisions (usually)

McCallum: B has solid ball handling, good quickness and balance, gets in to lane with ease, seems to be quite strong, again needs to develop deep threat to open more lanes against NBA defenders.

BBall IQ: Both are highly touted for basketball IQ

Fredette: A



Fredette C- an improved defender, he is stronger than he looks, his lateral foot speed tested well at the combine (2nd overall)so thats not the problem as many think but his defensive instincts are pretty bad... up from last year at downright terrible.. this can improve the more time he spends actively scouting and defending guys...

McCallum: C I don't really know what kind of defender he is... he is strong and not slow... but that doesn't equate to defense (ask marcus) which is a lot about instincts, attitude and effort... I think he may be more around the B range eventually but he is a rook so we will see...

Overall Team Presence:

Both these guys are pretty well liked it would seem, both seem to be good teammates and Fredette is not a complainer, I don't think McCallum is either.... time will tell...

Asterisk Calculation: Well it comes down to a few things... **Fredette is older than McCallum, not old but older so slight edge to McCallum's learning curve (never guaranteed improvement but I would expect it). McCallum averages 2pts more per 36 min. While taking an average of two more shots..**Fredette is playing against the real deal NBA players, not only that ** teams often put one of if not the best defenders on Fredette whenever he comes into the game... especially if he gets going, expect a lot of double teams.. Fredette is the real deal when it comes to scoring given he gets enough time... he is a ticking time bomb.. Both players average nearly identical assist numbers per game **Fredette has better teammates **McCallum is also playing against D-Leaguers.. **Jimmer plays a lot of off-guard. Which doesn't equate to less assists but typically running around screens equates to less opportunity for said assists, due to usage rate. No clear favorite there I have seen Fredette have very solid assist numbers ((10 pts, 4assists in 10 minutes @ portland last season)) only to never see the floor again. Not an excuse just an observation.. I think both have been coached to be more interested in their own offense. With that in mind I think both could average near the 6-7 assist per 36 given time and opportunity. Both had similar turnovers, again Fredette against tougher competition, McCallum with less to work with...

With all that in mind, I think either option is solid. I would expect both to be employed for a long time to come in the NBA both have limitations, both could improve, both have pretty good upside. I am gonna enjoy watching this mini-battle unfold over the course of the next few weeks/ months and really think both slightly different strengths.

My Pick: Means nothing, just an opinion made from observation of skill and what the team needs. (the team needs a defensive stopper at 2 can we have one of those)

I think with our bench the way it is, and MT playing the way he is, the best option for Wins is Fredette. Considering his offensive firepower and improved ball-handling he will be a perfect asset. His defense will never be great (can we get a great defender at 2?) but his offense as is proven by the defenders he draws has the capability to be top tier... he scores in bunches and is always a ticking time bomb from when he walks into the building to when he finds his "it". He is a better passer than is given credit and could really benefit from some solid on ball screens. Freeing the Jimmer frees up the rest of the team.

Some meaningless stats that strung together still don't make a trend.. but still I would rather have these than not.

*Fredette led the league in PPM for nearly 3 weeks, was in top ten for nearly 2.5 months..

*Last season: Kings : 28-54 = .341, Kings with Fredette: 25-44 = .3623 (no biggie nice stat)

*Last season: Kings: 25- 0 when the kings score over 100 pts (they averaged 100.2) and Jimmer scored more than 7.7 points on average.. Kings are 0-44 with Fredette when he averages 7.5 or less.. (wierd and pointless but hey its a stat)

*Last season Fredette gets a -3.1 overall... Pretty good when you lose 69 percent of your games.. Also pretty good considering ....aren't the scoring flood gates supposed to open when Fredette even thinks about touching the floor... still I think IT and one other had a better +- ... but yay for stats!

* This pre-season : Jimmer with kings 3-1 when played more than 20 min... 3-0.. (Its the PRESEASON JACK!)

* This season: Played a total of 6 games 1 of which was 5 min so we cancel it... With Fredette contributing for more than 10 min........ KINGS: 3-2.... (very limited amount of minutes, no 20 pt groundshaking performance, just wins, and a stat... for fun!! yay

.**. You know that thing about stats. they are meaningless numbers... and when they all tend to point in one direction ... well... in the case of Jimmer Fredette that is known as a "non-trend" Absolutely nothing there, at all, the end. ........ /looks to Keith Smart for approval...

There was a lot of sarcasm here guys but for the most part the stats and observations pertaining to Fredette and McCallum are the real deal.. at the bottom are my sources.. Thanks, let me know what you think and who you think should play and why...



(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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