Jason Thompson for Bench Scorer/SG? Or.....?

I think three things were clear in thr game against the Suns tonight. There are no legitmate scoring options on the bench(only reason JT started over D-Will) and also Mclemore isnt ready to be a starting NBA Shooting Guard. His ceiling is still sky high but he isnt ready to start. Lastly, Jason Thompson has no place on this roster. Gray is a better back up for Boogie, JT and Boogie dont play well together, and when he comes back Landry is better than Thompson. The logical swap is still JT for Iman Shumpert. But you know what? Thats a boring trade and the salaries dont match up. So here's what I propose.

Three team trade

knicks receive-Jason Thompson, Courtney Lee, Marcus Thornton, Jimmer Fredette, can swap second rounders with Kings in 2014 and 2016, and unprotected first rounder in 2018

Kings get- Iman Shumpert, Rajon Rando, Gerald Wallace

Celtics get- Amare Stoudamire, Tim Hardaway Jr, Travis Outlaw, Ray McCallum, top 4 protected first rounder from Kings in 2014,

What Kings look like post-Rondo trade and why they do it



SF-Rudy Gay



Super-subs- Thomas, Mclemore, and Landry

other rotation guys/back ups-Aaron Gray, Gerald Wallace, Quincy Acy

bench warmers- Ndiaye

Rondo and Shumpert bring too sorely lacking skills on the Kings. Perimeter defense and elite passing. Rondo is an elite defender, Shumpert is a very good one who can guard 3 positions and the other teams best wing player. While the Kings have moved the ball well this year, Thomas isn't a good passer in half court sets. On the fast break and drive and kicks he's very, very good(thats where you get his 10+ assist nights) but he isn't very good at feeding the ball to the post. Our best scorers, Boogie and Gay, should be getting the ball with their back to the basket. Boogie on the low block and Gay on the mid range. Rondo can do that and is still a much better passer on the break than Thomas. Also Rondo is probably better suited for the leadership role than Boogie. He is my favorite NBA player but he's two years away from leading a playoff team. Rondo was the best player on a team that severely tested the Heat in the playoffs. The defense is likely more important though. Kings still don't get a rim protector but with plus defenders at PG, SG, and SF they could be okay. yes we lose a pick next year, but what are the chances Marcus Smart is better than Rajon Rando? The pick being traded is still top 4 protected so Wiggins/Randle/Jabari/Exum are all still in play.

What are the chances the Knicks and Celtics say yes?

The main motivations for the Knicks and Celtics is to dump off the contracts of Stoudamire, Gerald Wallace, and Courtney Lee. Maybe when Rondo comes back, he and Stevens clash and Rondo wants out and the Celts to go full tank mode(which they may do anyway) . So they get the young talent of McCallum, Hardaway and a likely lottery pick in 2014. They also dump off Lee and Wallace's contract for Amare's which is a year shorter. Outlaw was included for salary purposes and he could be a valuable expiring next year they could flip for a pick or young asset,

the Knicks are trying to get rid of Shumpert and it's a no brainer to dump off Stoudamire's contract and take back the relatively smaller contracts of Lee and Thornton. Thompson becomes their back up big man, Thornton maybe thrives filling Hardaway's role. Jimmer is their backup PG/SG, replaces Shump's offense. Lastly the Knicks have no draft picks till forever so they attempt to rectify that here. The Kings may have to give up Mclemore or Thomas to the Celts but the hope is you get to keep those in your core.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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